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SEO is Not Lead Generation Strategy

Business.com / sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Despite what some say, SEO is not a lead generation strategy -- by itself, that is. You need these crucial elements to generate leads.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been the buzzword of inbound lead generation for the past few years. SEO enables you to reach relevant leads and guide them to your Website. However, it is a mistake to focus your efforts on just SEO. SEO is unable to be the lead generating strategy, it must work in concert with other techniques to create sales and build a business.

Many small business owners get trapped into the lead generation cycle and fail to build bridges to convert those leads into sales. Never forget the purpose of SEO lead generation, to find you, potential customers.

The goal of SEO

SEO is not a lead generating strategy on its own. SEO acts as the initial “funnel” that brings traffic but then it is up to the other aspects of your marketing strategy to seal the deal. It improves your website's prominence on search engine listing, but it does not improve conversions. SEO cannot convince someone to subscribe to a mailing list or purchase a product from you. It is up to your content, quality, website construction, and customer service to accomplish that.

Content marketing and SEO

SEO cannot convert those leads into subscribers or purchasers. In fact, the latest trend in Google analytics is to emphasize content-based SEO over raw SEO strategies. That means your best strategy is to combine your content and SEO strategies to improve your Google search list ranks and increase conversions.

In 2015, 88 percent of B2B marketers used content as part of their online marketing campaign. Moreover, 61 percent of those marketers reported daily or weekly updates in their content. You achieve better search results by marrying your SEO strategy with effective content generation. Google search engine bots are constantly tweaked to generate ever more relevant results to its users. That means you need to ensure you are creating useful content for your customers.

Search engine marketing

Sixty-six percent of B2B inbound marketers report using search engine marketing and 55 percent report that it is their most effective B2B inbound marketing tool. These statistics are likely set to grow as the importance of online marketing and search grows.

Regardless of the influence of social media, search engine lists remain one of the most powerful ways to generate B2B inbound leads. It is centralized, easily accessible, and universal. Conversely, social media marketing requires an intense investment of time, management, and it is split across multiple platforms.  

Convert visitors to leads

You need to gain your visitors trust to convince them to purchase a service or product from you. A common tactic is to offer a lead capture form, which is a coupon offer or free e-book that is valuable to your leads.

Anticipate their needs and fulfill them before they need to ask. The more useful your website, the more likely you will generate conversions.Don’t fall into the trap of focusing on lead generation and forgetting to seal the deal with useful content and trust building strategies. A large mailing list is great, but it does not amount to much if you are unable to convert these leads into sales. 

Inbound marketing requires dedication to the entire inbound lead process, not just SEO. Remember to build trust with your customers, and your company will generate the conversions it needs to grow. 


Photo credit: Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock

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