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Sandblasting Equipment Education and Training

Leah Kuriluk

Learn more about required sandblasting machine training and safety

Sandblasting is the process of blasting compressed air and an abrasive, such as sand, through a gun. The gun can be used to strip away dirt, paint and other materials to quickly clean a surface. It can even be used to etch and carve glass. Although using a sandblaster does not require formal education or training, learning how to use a sandblasting machine safely and efficiently is important.

Sandblasting is common in many industries, such as cement and glass etching, deck cleaning, industrial painting and body repair. If you're planning to get sandblasting equipment education and training for any industry, consider the following:

  1. Learn basic sandblasting techniques and proper equipment identification and care.
  2. Use online sources to expand and specialize your experience.
  3. Get sandblasting equipment education and training on safety guidelines and precautions.

Learn sandblasting basics with training classes

Knowing the proper way to use a sandblasting machine prevents it from breaking or wearing out due to misuse. Being able to identify a sandblaster's parts and their uses can also help when repairing or replacing a part. Proper operation can also help protect yourself and those around you when operating a sandblaster. You can get basic sandblasting techniques and guidelines by attending a sandblasting class, an apprenticeship in a related field or online.

Find specific sandblasting information and training resources online

If you're interested in using sandblasting tools for a specific industry or purpose, more information is often available online. You can find videos, articles and more that detail how to use sandblasting machines for specific projects, such as car repair and detailing, house cleaning and glass etching. This type of source can provide more specific and detailed information than most classes about sandblasting basics.

Get educated in sandblasting equipment safety procedures and guidelines

Sandblasting equipment can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Wearing improper safety equipment or pointing the gun at your hands or feet can result in serious bodily injury. In addition, the type of abrasive used or inadequate air filtration can cause lung problems and difficulty breathing. It's important to follow all recommended safety procedures and wear all needed safety equipment. Sandblaster manufacturers often include safety information and guidelines with their models.

  • Sandblasting regulations and safety guidelines vary from state to state. For specific information on safety procedures to follow, contact your local occupational health and safety department. Some states may also require additional permits and training to use industrial sandblasters.
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Leah Kuriluk