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Sausage Making Education and Training

Heidi Crossman

Sausage education and training ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs, butchers and meat cutters

Sausage seems so simple when on display in its smooth packaging in the grocery's meat case. A lot goes into getting that delicious meat there. Sausage manufacturers run seamlessly with well set up businesses and knowledgeable workers all paying careful attention to the meat from slaughter to shelf.

Customers have certain interests when purchasing this sausage. As a sausage manufacturer or sausage supplier, consider these preferences when making the meat product or to assist in distributing it to awaiting buying markets. Staying on top of the industry comes from continuous learning about what the customers want.

1. Use fresh ingredients and avoid chemicals and preservatives to attract the health-conscious audience. Provide this sausage information on the product label.

2. Find more sales by exploring special pricing avenues like bulk pricing. Sausage suppliers should learn about e-commerce and offer products for sale via the Internet.

3. Find more sales by exploring special sales techniques like to alternative markets or varying the sausage production options. Consider additional types of sausage or home sausage making kits.

Take a different approach to get started in the industry:

Get educated on the sausage business

Entrepreneurs looking to get a start as sausage producers need to learn not only about the process of making sausage but also the business regulations and food laws that are required to be followed. Manufacturing a food item entails giving attention to a lot more than just product quality. Focus must also be put on learning food safety and even label and packaging requirements.

Get the knowledge needed to be a butcher or meat cutter in the sausage business

Few items are needed for making sausage: a grinder, a meat thermometer and a stuffing machine. Learning how to use these machines comes as part of learning how to be a butcher or meat cutter. Some meat cutters will use a smokehouse or other type of smoker equipment. Since most training for this occupation comes on the job, learning will either be hands-on or from a product manual.
Bureau of Labor Statistics describes the occupation of a butcher or meat cutter and the necessary training needed to become one. More specific information on becoming a butcher can be found at The National Federation of Meat and Food Traders.

Learn what it takes to make sausage

Basically, to make sausage, one needs to select ingredients, grind, mix, stuff, and thermal process the product. Even with a simple set of steps to follow, they must be carried out properly to guarantee quality product. Recipes must be followed and the steps carried out in order.
North Dakota State University Agriculture and University Extension.
  • Remember that the final product is only as good as the ingredients used. Meat used to make sausage should be as safe and fresh as any meat you would prepare in your kitchen.
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Heidi Crossman