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How to Scale Your Business From Zero to Millions

Chris Porteous
Chris Porteous

Tap into these three inexpensive strategies to propel your business to new heights.

Scaling your business up to the point where your brand is renowned by millions is no easy feat, yet the tantalizing rewards of wealth, fame and success continue to drive entrepreneurs everywhere to grow their companies to the largest size possible. As many aspiring business owners are doubtlessly finding out, scaling your business to millions takes a huge commitment of time and capital alike, and isn't a quest that's ventured upon lightly.

Despite the challenges that await you, expanding the presence of your brand doesn't have to be insanely expensive or downright impossible. Here's how to scale your business to millions.

Start by establishing strong foundations

A skyscraper can't soar to lofty heights without the help of some strong, stable foundations that everything else to come can balance upon. Similarly, your business can't be scaled to millions unless you establish strong foundations, which will buoy your brand's prospects for years to come. The first thing you need to do is run a thorough and honest audit of your company's existing operations to arrive at a blunt understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. From there, you can begin honing the niche that will take you to worldwide fame while grappling with the business insecurities that may be holding you back right now.

There are a number of tough questions that every business owner looking to go international needs to confront if they hope to succeed. Review the seven questions you should ask yourself before going international if you're committed to selling your products or services overseas, and don't forget how vitally important it is to have culturally savvy team members on your side. Far too often, aspiring entrepreneurs fail to scale their businesses because they try to do too much themselves and refuse to delegate to the capable employees they've brought on.

After you've completed a brutally honest assessment of your business and are confident you're ready to enter a new market, you can begin the real work of scaling up your business. Here, you'll be focusing heavily on the digital tools that brands need to leverage to stand apart from the crowd in the hectic digital age. Beginning with social media and search engines, you'll need to arrive at a masterful understanding of the avenues of communication you'll be using to tap into consumer demand around the globe.

There's little doubt as to why most companies are advertising on social media channels right now – they work. Despite the ceaseless scandals that companies like Facebook and Twitter find themselves engulfed in, literally billions of consumers from all corners of the world regularly flock to these channels to connect with friends, catch up on the latest news, and receive savings and deals from their favorite companies. If you haven't already embraced Facebook Business and its impressive connectivity, consider that it has 1.2 billon users that your business can reach out to as you attempt to scale into the big leagues.

Using Facebook marketing wisely is all about capturing leads; by deftly navigating the platform and making witty posts, you'll soon discover that you've accrued literally thousands of followers for your particular brand. This is because social media is immensely engaging, as it forces users to interact with your advertisements and outreach campaigns to a much greater extent than other options. Learn how to leverage Facebook marketing, and you'll be scaling your business to millions in no time. Don't think that you have to stick to established social media platforms to make a big splash in the marketplace, however; things like search engines should also be grabbing your attention.

If you're trying to scale your business to millions, you'll doubtlessly already have a website established and a decent presence for yourself on the web. Whether millions of consumers can find your business presence may depend on how well optimized your content is for popular search engines like Google, though, making it worthwhile for you to analyze how to boost your search engine prospects. Everything from the structure of your website to the particular words you use in your advertising copy can impact your SEO, so be aware that you may need an entire digital restricting if you're committed to scaling to a global level.

Tap into the power of SEO

Tapping into the power of SEO to scale your business to millions begins by finding the keywords in your industry that you'll need to latch onto. Having in-house resources to collect data on your consumer base is immensely important, especially if you're trying to scale to an international level, so be aware that you may need to start vacuuming up consumer data and metadata in droves to have a serious impact with your marketing efforts. Be sure to pore over a useful guide for scaling your business's presence on international search engines if you're having trouble generating buzz on Google.

Finally, it's imperative to understand that you can't sustainably scale your business to millions without some talented co-workers to help you out. Some entrepreneurs who have forged their own small business may shun the idea of enlisting the help of others, but it's a simple matter of fact that having more tech-savvy workers on your team will help you as you achieve the minimum efficient scale to get your business to millions. The modern marketplace demands digital expertise, so be sure that those working under your command have a clear understanding of the tools and domains they'll be leveraging for success.

Despite the many hurdles that confront small business owners in the modern marketplace, it's very possible to scale any business to millions with the help of the right digital tools and strategy. Don't let the daunting challenge ahead of you get you down – instead, let the challenge of scaling your business to millions serve as fuel that keeps you going. Continue to invest heavily in your social media presence, and never forget the importance of optimizing your content for search engines, and you'll soon be scaling to new, unforeseen heights.

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Chris Porteous
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