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9 Best Apps for Increasing Customer Engagement

Scott Gerber
Scott Gerber

YEC entrepreneurs share their picks for engaging with your customers.

Building a strong brand starts with engaging your customers. Whether it's in person or online, customers want to feel heard and appreciated. Luckily, there are countless tools and apps that make customer engagement easy.

Many consumers in today's online world are active on social media, so this is a great place to start. Use Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to reach your customers where they already are by sharing behind-the-scenes content and smart marketing campaigns. Real-time messaging platforms such as Hotline are an effective way to reach your customers and quickly resolve issues to keep them happy. And all-in-one apps such as Intercom offer chat features and marketing automation to consolidate your customer engagement efforts.

We asked nine entrepreneurs from YEC to share the apps they use to increase engagement with their customers.

1. Snapchat

There is nothing hotter than short, engaging videos right now. Over the past few years I’ve seen how businesses have started implementing videos to increase their social engagement and it all started with Youtube. However, when Snapchat added the Stories feature, businesses learned it was a great platform to engage with users in a fun and unique way. - Zev Herman, Superior Lighting

2. Adobe Spark

Spark enables companies to more easily craft on-brand content and narratives that increase audience engagement. As brands increase their usage of social video platforms such as Snap, Twitter and Facebook Video, the landscape is becoming increasingly saturated; apps such as Spark provide a user-friendly solution to creating unique content that stands out above the noise. - Nicholas Nadjarian, Industrial Motor Power Corp.

3. CLIENTpulse

A regular focus on customer service through soliciting and scaling customer feedback with the CLIENTpulse app is a great way to get good customer data. It also lets your customers know you care, are listening and want their opinions. More importantly, make sure to take the feedback to heart and make changes based on what you hear. - Dan Golden, BFO (Be Found Online)

4. Hotline

Hotline by Freshdesk provides real-time in-app messaging for customer engagement within mobile apps. It allows support staff to resolve issues without having to go out of the app and lose the context of the query. This makes customers happier and on target to finish their transactions with you. - Angela Ruth, Due

5. Facebook Live

I'm seeing that more and more people are using Facebook Live, including businesses. It's become the "in" thing on Facebook. I agree that video engages potential customers more than photo or text. Business who are figuring out how to incorporate video into their marketing efforts are one step ahead of the game. I believe now is the right time to take advantages of these platforms and engage with customers. - Volkan Okay Yazici, Stonexchange

6. SMS

I think the power of SMS is grossly underrated. SMS is by far the preferred method of communication for millions of people. According to a Twilio study, 9 out of 10 consumers would prefer to communicate via messaging over phone calls, even with brands. Engaging with customers via SMS will help businesses convert more leads into paying customers and build brand loyalty. - Ryan Shank, PhoneWagon

7. Facebook Messenger

People are now spending more time on messaging platforms (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat) than on social media networks. Therefore, it's critical for businesses to connect with consumers through Facebook Messenger for product promotion, discovery and customer service. Businesses can now create bots (computer programs that users can talk to) on top of FB Messenger to connect with customers at scale. - Adelyn Zhou, TOPBOTS

8. Intercom

Intercom is a great app that does so many things well: chat, email support and marketing automation all rolled into a single experience. We’ve used it with great success improving engagement for our users. Intercom’s team has a great sense of design, so it fits well with the rest of our app. - Tim Chaves, ZipBooks

9. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is getting more views and interaction with customers. It’s a tool within the app to show a photo series or video, and it reveals behind the scenes so customers can see a product in action or get to understand a business better. For example, at our photoshoot in Brazil one of the girls took videos and photos so people could sneak a peak at the new products we were launching. - Ashley Ferraro, Dona Jo, Inc.

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Scott Gerber
Scott Gerber Member
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