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Engaging Your Audience on Social Media: Which Sites Work Best for You?

Scott Gerber
Scott Gerber

10 entrepreneurs from YEC discuss the most engaging social media platforms.

Reaching out to share your message is a time-consuming process, and a great deal of thought goes into message, medium and method. Social media sites provide a means to get a particular idea out to an audience. Some sites work better for imagery, including videos, while others are good platforms for sharing written content.

Engaging your target audience means generating revenue and creating brand awareness. But where should you look to focus your efforts?

10 members from YEC share their favorite social media sites for finding and engaging the audience they need to reach.

1. Facebook

I have to go with Facebook on this one. Its most recent algorithm allows you to focus in on a specific demographic and psychographic, and effectively targets audiences when pitching products. - Rakia Reynolds, Skai Blue Media

2. Snapchat

More people seem to be on Snapchat than the other social networks, and it speaks more to the millennial audience that my business is targeting. Although it was hard to understand at first, it has helped us see how visual communication really engages with this demographic. - Angela Ruth, Due

3. LinkedIn

It may be a boring answer, but it's also the most relevant one. LinkedIn provides a great outlet for engaging with our audience, as we're a business-to-business company. It also gives us the tools we need to evolve that engagement into sales tactics that provide real results. We've found that our content also performs very well on LinkedIn due to what we believe is a more receptive B2B audience. - Blair Thomas, First American Merchant

4. Twitter

I've found that my target audience is most active on Twitter. It's the quickest way to share content, which helps me distribute my content to the widest audience possible. Twitter also gives me a direct line of communication to anyone I'd like to connect with, making sharing content with and connecting to key audience members easy. - John Hall, Influence & Co.

5. Instagram

I love the energy on Instagram in terms of the creative videos and the creativity I'm allowed to use to engage with my target audience. There are also so many influencers on Instagram, which is invaluable when finding new targets. - Murray Newlands, Sighted

6. Facebook

Facebook advertising is a goldmine, if you know how to use it properly. With over 1.79 billion active users and powerful tools like "Facebook Audience Insights," there simply isn't a more powerful tool for finding and engaging your target audience. You can search anything from how much money people make to what their favorite tacos are (well not really, but you get my point). - Alexander Mendeluk, The Disruptive

7. LinkedIn

When it comes to B2B sales, it's all about quality over quantity. LinkedIn allows you to research prospective companies, complete niche searches for leads and serve highly targeted ad campaigns. If used right, InMails can also be a highly effective tool for cold outreach. The rule of thumb here is to offer value. People don't use LinkedIn to be sold to. They use it to learn. - Andrew Hoeft, Pinpoint Software, Inc.

8. Twitter

Twitter is a great way to engage with your target audience; it’s also a way to bring your audience to you with the use of custom hashtags. It’s a personable platform, which allows you to connect with your audience and show them who your brand is and what it stands for. - Stanley Meytin, True Film Production

9. Instagram

Instagram is the best social network for finding and engaging your target audience. It’s highly visual and offers a variety of static and live content. It’s a great site to run targeted ads, and has yielded the highest return for my clients. Its direct consumer targeting and marketing, when done correctly, is the most beneficial. - Leila Lewis, Be Inspired PR

10. Pinterest and Facebook

The best social network for engaging an audience depends on the type of content we share. Our free design resources and infographics are especially popular on Pinterest, since it's designed to showcase images. Written content, like blog posts, tends to perform better on Facebook, which is geared toward sharing articles and encouraging people to have conversations about them. - Vladimir Gendelman, Company Folders, Inc

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Scott Gerber
Scott Gerber
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Scott Gerber is the founder of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. Gerber is also a serial entrepreneur, regular TV commentator and author of the book Never Get a “Real” Job.