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Power Couples Unleash the Secret to Running a Successful Business

Malini Bhatia
Malini Bhatia

10 tips to create a healthy work-life balance with your significant other

Working as a couple in the business world offers you the unique opportunity to share your professional goals with the person you love and trust the most.

Of course, taking on such a challenge together has its ups and downs. There is the pressure of balancing your relationship with your business goals, nearly constant interactions with your spouse, and balancing the pressures of finances, stress, and trying to maintain a happy home life. But your success in the end will make all of your struggles worth it.

Whether you're working from home or building a big business, here are the steps you need to take to unleash the secret mantra on running a successful business as a couple – without getting divorced!

A shared vision for business

Getting organized means making sure both you and your spouse are on the same page about your business plan. As with anything in life, having a plan of action is going to make your roadway that much easier to traverse. Chart out a detailed plan that both of you can follow. Being as in depth as possible with your business plan will help you define your mission and milestones.

Create separate working conditions

Couples who are in the beginning stages of their relationship may claim they want to be around one another 24/7, but the reality of this isn't always nonstop fun. Working together means spending long days with each other both in and outside of the business. Instead of strengthening your bond, constant contact throughout the workday may end up being a recipe for disaster.

Creating a separate office space for each partner allows you both to create your own routines and rhythms while staying focused and productive without arguments.

Don't become the enemy

You're on the same side, remember? It's only natural when you're working together all day that you'll end up feeling frustrated or run into disagreements at times. But these arguments shouldn't interfere with your work or your love life.

It goes without saying that tackling personal issues in the office is unprofessional and uncomfortable. Knowing how to argue with one another is going to do wonders for you both as a power couple. This means keeping a time limit on your frustrations and being efficient about settling your issues. Not only is this better for workplace productivity and the health of your romantic relationship, it's also a lot more comfortable for your employees when you are getting along.

If you can't resolve your personal conflict at work, create a plan in advance to table your conversation and be courteous with one another until you have the opportunity to be alone.

Divide responsibilities

As a power couple in business, it's important to divide responsibilities. Not only will this help keep you sane as a romantic couple, it also delegates certain aspects of labor to more talented parties and keeps you both feeling accountable.

This also lets everyone in your business know who makes the final call. For example, if you run the marketing department, you will want to hear your mate's thoughts and opinions on different strategies to approach, but your employees know that you are the one who has the final say. Just as your mate has the final say in their department.

Create a nest egg

As a couple who is diving into a business together, you won't have the income of your spouse to fall back on if your entrepreneurial ventures go awry. Because of this, consider creating a nest egg, or emergency fund, before you start your shared career.

Money is a huge factor in both arguments and divorce, not to mention it's essential for a business. Having a nest egg put aside will give you both confidence to go forward undeterred in your business without worrying whether you'll end up in financial ruin.

Consistency is key

Your business needs consistency to be profitable. This means giving your workplace and your partner your best efforts. When you work together every day, it can be easy to forget that your business partner is also your romantic partner. Have the right attitude as a power couple by being positive, supportive and respectful of one another.

Be forgiving

Running a company as a power couple is stressful and can lead to wrong decisions, hurt feelings and things said in the heat of the moment that you wish you could take back. Decrease the stress in your relationship and at the workplace by practicing forgiveness and learning to give your partner the benefit of the doubt.

Don't forget who you are

As wonderful as it is to be together, it's equally as important to maintain your individuality. Engage in differing hobbies and social plans. This adds to your work-life balance and helps both feel like you still have something that is solely yours. It also gives you both something to talk about with one another that doesn't involve work.

Utilize a good thing

Part of being a couple, in and outside of working together, means sharing your thoughts and opinions with one another. You may have the most talented team surrounding you, but none of them know you like your spouse does. Put this to your advantage by using your mate as a sounding board for business ventures, risks and ideas.

Don't forget to be a couple

Making time for one another is key to being a power couple in the business world. A work-life balance is going to keep your relationship strong.

As a power couple in business, it is integral for you two to have time set aside where the topic of work, business and revenue are off the table.

Go out and do something fun together or stay in and spend some time together with a glass of wine and your favorite movie. Whatever the two of you enjoyed doing together before you were business partners, get back to doing that. Remind yourself that you are more than charts, figures and stress.

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