Selecting Commercial Stainless Steel Equipment / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

To some people there is nothing lovelier than a stainless steel commercial kitchen, with its gleaming stainless steel counters, ...

To some people there is nothing lovelier than a stainless steel commercial kitchen, with its gleaming stainless steel counters, cabinets and tables. There is a reason that most restaurant kitchens are composed of stainless steel equipment. It is highly durable, can withstand high temperatures and is safe for food preparation - important in an efficient restaurant kitchen. Place commercial stainless steel equipment in every part of the kitchen, from the stove hood to the dishwashing sinks.

When selecting commercial stainless steel equipment for a restaurant, consider how much space you have and the layout of your kitchen. Stainless steel equipment lasts a long time if properly cared for.

A stainless steel commercial kitchen includes:

  1. Prep tables and counters
  2. Hand washing, bar and dishwashing sinks
  3. Buffet and kitchen lines
  4. Storage bins and containers
  5. Stainless steel cabinets

Improve kitchen efficiency with stainless steel kitchen equipment

Stainless steel tables - prep tables - play an essential part of any restaurant kitchen. Prep tables allow staff to prepare multiple food items at one time, without the risk of cross contamination. One prep cook can portioning raw chicken at one stainless steel table while another chops fresh vegetables. Not only do prep tables keep food safe, they increase kitchen productivity.

Meet health and safety codes with stainless steel industrial sinks

Health codes require hand washing stations throughout a restaurant. Stainless steel hand washing sinks are a necessity. Keep dishes and cooking supplies clean with stainless steel dishwashing sinks - designed to accommodate large, bulky dishes.

Use commercial stainless steel equipment to serve and store food

Buffets are popular dining trend, but pose potential health risks. Minimize food spoilage and cross contamination with stainless steel buffet lines, which are easy to keep clean and are good insulators, keeping food at their safest temperatures. Stainless steel inserts used on buffet lines and chaffing dishes help regulate food temperatures better and are more durable than plastic inserts.

Protect your commercial stainless steel equipment with proper cleaning and maintenance

Go into any used restaurant supply store and you will see stainless steel equipment everywhere. Stainless steel is one of the most durable and longest lasting materials. To properly care for your stainless steel equipment, wash it every day following each shift, with a sanitizing cleaner and hot water. It may be tempting to want your commercial stainless steel equipment to shine like new. However, don't use any toxic cleaners, like metal polishers on food prep surfaces.
  • Never use steel wool to clean commercial stainless steel equipment, as it can scratch and leave behind bits of metal that can contaminate food.

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