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It is no secret that we eat with our eyes first. So buying restaurant tableware that compliments your menu dishes is a worthy ...

It is no secret that we eat with our eyes first. So buying restaurant tableware that compliments your menu dishes is a worthy investment. Restaurant tableware comes in all shapes, sizes and styles. Restaurant plates, bowls and other tableware should match one another, to give table settings a clean, coordinated look.

Along with attractive commercial tableware, good quality restaurant flatware goes a long way in making a good impression with customers.

Here are three questions to ask yourself before buying restaurant tableware:

  1. Is the restaurant tableware durable enough to withstand the rigors of a commercial dishwashing machine?
  2. Is it attractive? Will the restaurant plates make an impression on customers?
  3. Will it coordinate with the rest of the restaurant décor?

Select restaurant tableware that coordinates with your restaurant

If your restaurant serves Mexican food, look for designs with South-of-the-Border flair, such as chili pepper motifs or designs in bright, southwestern colors. The same goes for restaurants with Italian themes or Chinese themes. Look for colors or patterns that will enhance the overall look of your restaurant, not just the food itself.
wholesale dishes, in a huge assortment of colors and patterns, ranging from simple to complex. The Restaurant Source is popular vendor of restaurant dinnerware.

Outfit your catering business with wholesale tableware

No matter if you own just a catering business or a restaurant that provides catering services, you will need catering tableware. This includes everything from plates and restaurant flatware to serving utensils and chaffing dishes. Most catering tableware is white or ivory, to coordinate with all types of catering events. It is best to keep your catering dishes separate from your regular restaurant silverware and tableware, to keep proper track of inventory.

Save money buying restaurant tableware in bulk

There are two main benefits of wholesale dishes, when bought in large lots: They are less expensive and you will have plenty of matching place settings. You can also save money by buying used wholesale dishes from restaurant equipment dealers and at auctions.

Compliment your tableware with restaurant quality linens

Nothing improves a table setting better than a crisp linen tablecloth and napkins. Restaurant linens come in handy everyday and for special occasions, such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Select white or ivory linens that will match a variety of tableware.
  • Do not try to substitute domestic plates and silverware for durable restaurant tableware. Most dishes sold for home use cannot withstand the heavy wear and tear of a busy restaurant and will soon chip and crack, making them unacceptable to use in a table setting.

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