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Implementing self directed work teams requires a shift in the work culture, not always an easy task to accomplish. But in many business ...

Implementing self directed work teams requires a shift in the work culture, not always an easy task to accomplish. But in many business settings, the self-directed work team approach has many benefits and capitalizes on team work and your employees' social nature.

Such a shift to a self directed work group commands extensive training so that it leads to success at all levels of the company. In a sense, it takes the reins from traditional managers and extends them to employees, giving them more ownership in their job and in the business as a whole. It gives a sense of empowerment that, in the end, can lead to higher retention and productivity.

Consider the following:

1. Training for self directed or self managed work teams should include team building skills.

2. A self directed team must re-structure job duties as well as set up a system to to evaluate both success and failures, and ways to improve.

3. Self-directed work teams education and training should include how managers' roles will change from a hands-on approach to a hands-off approach. Many times in a self directed work team arrangement, managers are only involved to provide additional resources to teams.

Review online articles about self directed work groups

Not sure what self directed work groups are all about? Start your research with online articles written on the topic. The articles available range from very broad concepts to specific issues.

Purchase books on self-directed teams

Consider reviewing or purchasing books for more in-depth information on how self-directed teams operate and the benefits. From how-to guides to case studies, much research has emerged on the topic.

Set up training on self directed work teams

It may be best to work with a consulting firm or experts on self directed work teams. Consultants can help to set up your system as well as provide specific training for your employees.
Tennessee Center for Labor-Management Relations deals with issues such as seniority, pay and job classifications, among others. Alliance Training & Consulting offers customized programs that are 100% guaranteed.
  • A self directed work team concept can be used in both non-union and union workplaces and all union rules can be observed.

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