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The Ultimate Guide to Micro-Influencers

Business.com / Last Modified: April 14, 2017

Are you looking for the increase in profit without overflowing your budget? Check out this infographic for how to do it with micro influencers.

Over the last three years, the popularity of influencer marketing has grown by leaps and bounds, challenging traditional methods of inbound marketing and paid ads. Their reach may be small, but they have the highest rate of engagement and, more importantly, generate authentic conversions among like-minded customers as well as with those individuals who have shared connections.

These kinds of engagements are considered to be far stronger than superficial ones or scripted conversions that usually come from a paid advertisement, blog or impersonal public endorsement. Do note that micro-influencers are easily motivated, more so than any other category of influencers, to promote your brand. They end up being relevant to your brand; and hence, they are found to rank higher for brand affinity.

Motivated by the VIP treatment, such as exclusive promotions, discounts and special offers, micro-influencers are known to provide the best bang for your buck.

In fact, there are many studies which have proven these trends. A recent survey has revealed that micro-influencers are good at driving consumers to take action. It is telling that more than 80 percent of those surveyed admitted they would follow the recommendations of micro-influencers. This is just more proof of how micro-influencers can be a powerful resource in the marketing arsenal of any brand.

Another study has shown that when compared to the A-list celebrities, micro-influencers are much more efficient for generating positive awareness about a given brand. This happens because they are not the usual or traditional stars. Rather, they are individuals who are known for their work in a specific field/category or being truly knowledgeable and who are authentic and passionate.

That powerful combination makes them a trusted source when it comes to recommendations for what to buy. Consumers feel they can trust micro-influencers since they are not larger-than-life celebrities. It is for this reason that micro-influencers can be very useful for brands since they come off as the perfect balance between the average consumer and A-list celebrity, making them appear more trustworthy.

To learn more about working with micro-influencers, check out the infographic below.


Micro Influencer infographic- shane barker


Image courtesy: Shane Barker 

Hero image credit: Shutterstock / Antonio Guillem

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