5 Indicators You're an Entrepreneur

Business.com / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Entreprenerial Path: Not everyone is for this career and it will not be an easy journey.

Many professional choose full-time employment as a default career path after they graduate from college. According to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute, there have been more than one billion people who entered the global labor force in 2012, which has since increased.

This mindset is the expected path for college graduates since they get a specialization for jobs that they want to do. The security of having a steady paycheck and being paid to learn new skills are also appealing to any person who wants to be secured financially.

Is this the right path for them? One may not know it but they may be cut out for something bigger and better through building their own business. Not everyone is for this career and it will not be an easy journey. Here are 5 indicators that you’re cut out for entrepreneurship.

Following orders is unappealing

You have a strong opinion on what works based on your years of expertise in your job. It can also be that the thought of adhering to a boss without taking full control of a project can get to your nerves since you are very decisive and know what you want.

Mark Cuban quit his job from a bank back when he was a fresh graduate because his boss saw his initiative as a threat to him rather than a big help to the business. He was then fired from his second job at a PC retail store because he disobeyed the CEO in picking up a check from a client. Since then, he strived to become a boss who is the total opposite of this CEO who fired him.

You have a clear vision of your dream

You’ve already thought of the big vision that you have for your business. This can be from opening a retail store that will be internationally-recognized to building a social enterprise to help the farmers in marginalized areas.

This is something that you cannot achieve while being employed full-time to another employer since you will be fulfilling the dream of the employer and not yours.

In the open letter that Richard Branson wrote to his 25-year-old self at the Virgin.com blog, he said that he should have his dreams guide the path in his entrepreneurship journey and that his brand will grow outside of the music industry.

You are always out to learn new things

Not all businessmen know about finance or marketing but they are always open to learning new concepts. This will be crucial for hiring people in your team because while you will not be the one handling the tasks per department, you should always be open to learning from your staff.

This is also true in terms of being on the lookout for new trends and finding solutions for problems. Jack Ma explained at a World Economic Forum session in Davos how he thought of building an e-commerce website through using a computer in the United States. He envisioned China to have an accessible online marketplace which got detractors since he set it up at a conservative country.

You welcome hard work

Entrepreneurs are sharing how the digital nomad lifestyle is about living the dream, through traveling while working.

What is not expressed is the hard work needed to make the entrepreneurial pursuit be successful. Entrepreneurs don't adhere to the typical 9-to-5 schedule but pursue a round-the-clock workday.

A flexible schedule is a positive side of being your own boss. If you know how to work hard and play hard, then being a businessperson may be cut out for you.

Gary Vaynerchuk stated in one of his online series #DailyVee that for more than 10 years, he has not released any episodes of Wine Library because he was doing the painstaking work of learning about the wine business before getting his name out there. While his friends were out playing during spring break, he was in the basement of his father’s wine shop and helping him out.

You inspire people towards a common goal

You cannot build a business alone and a crucial skill that you need to have is giving people drive based on the premise of your company.

Elon Musk got his employees’ spirits up with the ambitious goal of building cheaper rockets through SpaceX. That is not an easy feat to accomplish given that this is not a usual business concept, but he was able to onboard aeronautical engineers to this cause despite not being an engineer himself.

Asking yourself while you’re an employee if you have these traits can help you assess if you’re ready for the big leap into entrepreneurship. It is a path that can be taken with the right attitude and drive to succeed.

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Photo credit: Uber Images/Shutterstock

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