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2017 Is the Year of Chatbots ... Here's Why You'll Be Thinking About Them, Too

Business.com / Technology Solutions / Last Modified: June 21, 2017
Photo credit: Zapp2Photo/Shutterstock

Find out how chatbots failed in the year 2016 and resurrected in 2017 – The Fall and Rise of Chatbots.

Going back a few decades, the onset of the World Wide Web amazed us by showing how people from any part of the globe can chat with each other seamlessly. Something very similar is happening in the current day and age with the slight difference of internet chat being replaced by chatbots. The excitement and the awe continue to be the same if not more.

When in April 2016 Facebook announced integration and support for third party chatbots in its messenger app, we saw a plethora of chatbot solutions surfacing overnight.

As it happens with many new innovations, Chatbots were not able to set the roof on fire in 2016. In fact, it suffered what Gartner Inc, the popular research and advisory firm calls as the "Hype Cycle" for new technologies. Chatbots witnessed a phase of disillusionment as consumers were not entirely satisfied with how the chatbots delivered.

The silver lining is that the bot makers in their quest to make innovative solutions focused their energies on slack bot development. With detailed understanding of what works and what consumers want bot makers today offer smart bots that can add value, go viral and fulfill almost all consumer requests easily. So, while 2016 wasn’t quite the year chatbots became the "next big thing," 2017 is likely to bring them to the forefront.

Major Global Brands Support Chatbot Development

How chatbots worked for social media platforms

From chatbot for Facebook messenger to telegram bot development or chatbot for Twitter, chatbots have come a long way to being used only on social media platforms. Today enterprises and successful brands are making use of chatbots on all their social media platforms, various chat apps, their own retail sales app as well as their official website to leverage the maximum advantage.

Just about every global brand has publically showed support and willingness to develop chatbots. Today, some one of the well known global brands like British Airways, eBay, and Starbucks all have a chatbot functionality that they use in creative and innovative ways as per their customized plans. With enterprises bracing for customized chatbot solutions, 2017 is likely to witness more chatbot success stories across the globe.

Millennial Generation and Chatbots Go Hand in Hand

Chatbots go a long way in helping with brand loyalty and sales

Millennial users or the "Generation Y" are more likely to use chatbots owing to use of multiple digital devices and increasing expectations from brands and enterprises. As chatbots become more streamlined and customized, millennial are likely to embrace high-tech chat interfaces helping them resolve issues faster compared to traditional tools like email. Also since the millennial generation is about to move into their prime spending years, 2017 offers brands the best time to leverage the chatbot technology by offering more chatbot platforms to maximize their brand loyalty and sales.

Consumers Understand the World of Chatbots

Consumers have understood and accepted chatbots experience

Consumers today understand how chatbots work and operate. The use of chatbot for Facebook messenger has been a key in leading this transition with more than one billion active users every month.

Today almost every ecommerce website comes with a live chat feature. Users today are open to having a chatbot as part of their online shopping experience.

Cracked the Cross Channel Consistency Challenge

The ease of functioning is a specialty of chatbots.

Cross channel consistency has been one of the core features new generation chatbot developers have been able to attain. As a result all digital touch points for an enterprise are today at par. Compared to a year earlier where only one social media platform like Facebook offered chatbot solutions, today chatbots offer seamless cross channel consistency leading to an effective experience for end users across all channels.

Increasing Cost Efficiency of Chatbots

Developing a chatbot is as easy as they come.

If to develop a chatbot meant allocating a specialized budget, things have changed for the better. Today enterprises can make use of multiple open-source bot frameworks. There are various bot options for social media platforms. For example, "plug and play" options like Facebook bot development, slack bot development, telegram bot development. All of these are leading to an era where proliferation of readily available chatbots can be used by any enterprise.

Chatbots with their initial learnings are spelling out their own unique success story. 2017 is likely to be the year that can offer chatbots a platform to soar high.

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