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Shoe polish is a consumer item used to help shine, restore and waterproof the appearance of boots and shoes which extends the wear ...

Shoe polish is a consumer item used to help shine, restore and waterproof the appearance of boots and shoes which extends the wear life of the items. These polishes are made from waxy type substances to smooth liquid polish items. Shoe shining supplies and polishes come in a variety of materials and colors to accommodate many different types and styles of items. Some of these polishes, creams and pastes require shoe shine equipment and accessories to help prolong the life or your items.

In the early part of the 20th century, shoe polish was manufactured with a mix of synthetic and natural types of materials which included dyes, naphtha and even turpentine. There are many different shoe polish types and styles as well as shoe cleaning and shining supplies which can be used to extend the life of all types of footwear. Four different types of shoe polishing products are sold today:

1. Liquid polish that dries quickly but has a limited number of colors available

2. Shoe polish paste which is long lasting but tends to be somewhat messy to apply

3. Shoe polish cream that has a vast array of colors and isn't as messy to apply

Use liquid shoe polish to help extend the life of your uniform shoes

If you work in healthcare, such as nursing, a white liquid shoe polish should be used on your white uniform shoes. This type of polish has whitening agents that keep the shoes looking clean and bright. These also help to cover stains without leaving any type of residue or streaks after applying.

Find the right shoe polish paste for all types of leather items

Shoe polish paste give shoe wear a long lasting appearance by using a shade darker than that of the original color. It helps invigorate the color and hides scuffs by soaking into the leather fibers.

Apply the right wax/cream shoe polish to condition all leather shoes and goods

Many shoe polish waxes and creams are mixed from fine silky types of waxes to promote a rich creamy feel for your leather shoes or boots. It helps to condition the leather while polishing.
  • Advise customers to apply leather conditioners and shoe polish to their new shoes prior to going out in the cold weather for the first time. By doing so it will allow the leather to be protected against salt, dirt and cold temperatures.

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