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Shopify vs Amazon editorial staff, writer
Dec 07, 2017
> Finance

Which is better for selling online?

Shopify and Amazon Webstore have both offered excellent eCommerce solutions. However, in June of 2015, Amazon Webstore closed its doors, for good. That being said, we will examine some of the reasons that Shopify is a better eCommerce solution.

Shopify offers an easy setup and friendly administrator interface, making it one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market. This program also provides several professionally designed templates for you to use, free of charge. This is one area where you were very limited with Amazon Webstore.

While the administrative options for Shopify are listed in English, you can create your storefront in any language that you wish. Additionally, this eCommerce platform allows you to choose which payment gateway you use. It also accepts funds in several different currencies. While Amazon Webstore gave you the ability to accept different currencies, you were restricted to its chosen list of currencies.

Another popular function of Shopify is its eCommerce University,  which provides access to numerous articles, how-to guides and other training resources. As of summer 2015, more than 96,000 businesses use Shopify, showing a strong growth rate. Furthermore, Shopify s 24/7 in- house support team is second to none.

Shopify definitely offers better pricing options than Amazon Webstore offered to its customers. The current fee for Shopify is $29, for the basic place. However, you can also choose the professional plan, which is $79 per year. Lastly, for those who plan to have a plethora of transactions, you can choose the unlimited plan. This one will cost you $179 per year with an additional 2% transaction fee.

Keeping your customers happy is one of the most important things you can do when operating an eCommerce business. Shopify will help you to provide the best tools to your customers in hopes of them choosing to purchase through your store. Some of these features include the ability for your customers to zoom in to get a better look of your products and the ability to show other customer reviews.

Shopify is an overall better eCommerce solution. Its top-notch customer service has a very strong reputation. Furthermore, its training support is available to help with every aspect of setting up and managing your online business. Shopify offers a host of options to make buying decisions easier for the customer, adding to your bottom line. The sheer number of Shopify users speaks for itself. Businesses find the platform easy to use and navigate on the backend. editorial staff editorial staff
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