Shuffleboard Equipment Pricing and Costs

By Emily Lugg, writer
Apr 06, 2010
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Price out shuffleboard equipment to make an informed purchase

If you are thinking of adding shuffleboard to your list of recreation options for customers, it is beneficial to research shuffleboard equipment pricing and costs to get the best deal. Shuffleboard supplies can be a great addition to any recreation facility. It is a game the whole family can play and is a relatively inexpensive addition to a game room or recreation center. There are many factors to consider when setting your shuffleboard budget. You need to be clear on the costs associated with the court as well as the equipment that is required to play on the court. It is also important to think long term and anticipate additional costs, such as maintenance fees, that may come up down the road.

Consider the following when looking to install shuffleboard tables or outdoor shuffleboard equipment:

1. Do you have the room for an outdoor court or should you look into shuffleboard tables?

2. What type of shuffleboard supplies will you need to purchase in order for the game to get up and running?

3. Include maintenance and repair estimates when researching shuffleboard equipment pricing and costs.

Decide whether indoor shuffleboard tables or outdoor shuffleboard courts are best for you

An outdoor shuffleboard court requires quite a financial and spatial investment. For the price of a can of outdoor paint, around $20, you can build your own shuffleboard court on any concrete or asphalt surface. For a more professional look, you can hire a contractor to build your court; however, keep in mind the additional cost for the labor. It is important to remember that if you don't already have a large enough outdoor surface, paying to lay concrete will greatly increase your cost. If you decide that an indoor shuffleboard table is better for your facility, be prepared to spend anywhere between $2,500 to $10,000. The price is dependant on several things including the length of the table, -- between 9 and 22 feet -- the thickness of the table, and the type of material.

Choose the appropriate shuffleboard equipment

It is important to consider that, although the outdoor set might initially cost less, there may be more maintenance required. To play outdoor shuffleboard you will need eight shuffleboard discs, four of two different colors for between $60 and $100. You will also need at least two shuffleboard poles, one for each player. Each one of the shuffleboard sticks costs between $20 and $40 depending on its quality. And the last basic item you will need for outdoor shuffleboard is wax. The wax only costs around $5 per pound but can be used up quickly depending on how often the court is in use. For an indoor table you also need a set of eight shuffleboard discs, obviously much smaller. They cost around $50 to $60 per set as well as a supply of wax.

Factor in replacement shuffleboard supply and maintenance

Consider that an outdoor court will experience more wear and tear due to its exposure to the elements so it's important to factor in re-surfacing fees that can run up to a few hundred dollars every couple years. If you are careful about making sure the equipment is stored inside, you may not have to replace the discs and shuffleboard cues as often, but eventually the parts on each cue will need to be replaced. Each of these parts are relatively inexpensive, less then $10, but should be factored into your overall budget. An indoor shuffleboard set will also need to be maintained with wax, but the table itself should not need much maintenance. A set of replacement indoor shuffleboard discs costs between $25 and $30.

  • Seriously determine the benefits and advantages of the different shuffleboard options before you make the investment. You'll want to create a return on investment model to be sure that your efforts are worth the time and money you put forth.
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