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12 Signs You’re Losing Customers on Facebook

Usman Raza
Usman Raza

Social media is an important part of customer engagement. These 12 signs show you're losing customers on Facebook. Here's what you can do about it.

Facebook marketing is growing. According to recent research, 77.6% of small businesses use social media to promote their business. Facebook is the leading channel of choice with 45% of small businesses surveyed stating that they have a dedicated Facebook page. The research, conducted by BIA Advisory Services, a market intelligence leader, surveyed 1,000 small businesses during Q3 of 2016. That’s a 4% increase from the year prior. 

Those numbers aren’t surprising when you factor in the number of daily active users, which Facebook reported as 1.62 billion as of September 2019. That leaves ample room for small businesses to brand and grow their businesses. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to accomplish social media marketing and branding and not all Facebook marketing campaigns meet success. 

1. Fewer people are seeing your posts

Unless your following has dropped, chances are that at least some of your audience is seeing your posts. So, the question then becomes “Is your audience ignoring your posts.” People read business posts for many reasons. Sometimes it’s to gain brand, product or service insight, learn something new, to be entertained, or something else. However, if you’re finding that your posts are not being seen or read by your audience, then that may be a clue to review your content — past, and present, to determine what has been working and what hasn’t. That brings us to our next topic — engagement.

2. Your customer engagement has dropped

When Facebook engagement drops, the problem is often varied. Sometimes the problem is post wording. Sometimes the message simply doesn’t connect with your intended audience. Sometimes there are too many promotional posts or not enough variety. Like articles and blogs for your website, Facebook marketing posts need to go beyond the sale to add value to your audience. Unlike longer content, though, social media posts must capture your audience’s attention faster and in fewer words. In fact, to drive engagement, it’s best to keep Facebook posts to a maximum of 50 characters, according to Social Pilot, a SaaS social media marketing tool. That means power-packing your social messages for maximum impact.

3. Your Facebook posts lack variety

There is such a thing as “overdoing it,” which is easy to do if you’re just starting out or lack social media marketing expertise. Sometimes, it happens with entrepreneurs as well. Facebook ads or promotional content fill your Facebook profile covering product or service information, sales, and sometimes new product announcements. Although that might garner some initial attention, the effect will be short-lived. To boost the impact and build your brand with Facebook marketing, you’ll want to add a variety of content to the mix.

4. You’re not connecting with your followers

Speaking of variety, consider how it allows you to connect with your followers and, ultimately, your customers. Depending on your business, a variety that connects might include instructionals, information related to your products or services — interesting ways a customer might use your products or why, tell a brand story, include interesting video, graphics, statistics or trending industry news that might interest your consumer or more. Variety is the spice in your Facebook marketing efforts that helps you better engage with your followers. Whether your content is original or curated, find something that speaks to your brand, products, and services, and to your audience and let the sharing begin.

5. No one is sharing your posts

Sharing is caring, right? The problem is that if no one is sharing your Facebook posts, then your content or marketing campaign might need an evaluation and adjustment. It’s inevitable that some posts will be more share-worthy than others. To improve your success rate, look back at some of your more successful posts and determine what stood out about them. Try some A/B testing. The problem might resolve by rewording the initial post and maybe including a visual.

6. You’re losing followers

Sometimes losing customers is more literal than the wording of the content you’re posting. It’s normal to lose some followers, but if they’re leaving in droves, then it’s time to evaluate why. Are your messages aligned with your brand, products, and services? Are your messages interesting and add value to your audience? If you answered “yes,” then another problem might be that you’re not attracting the right audience.

If you’re using Facebook paid marketing, then make sure you use the audience demographics tools to define your target audience. No brand can appeal to everyone. Focus on who your ideal customer is. Research what interests them, what their needs and desires are, and adjust your Facebook marketing campaign accordingly.

If you’re using organic marketing on Facebook, then re-evaluate the keywords or hashtags that you’ve been targeting and adjust as needed.

7. You’re not attracting the right audience

The audience that you’re targeting can make or break your Facebook marketing campaign. Make sure you narrow your results according to the demographics of your ideal customers. From there, post content that appeals to your audience. If you’re still not gaining traction, research the competition and stay on top of consumer-facing industry trends. Social listening tools can help you learn what your audience is talking about, what they care about, and what challenges they’re facing that you might offer a solution for.

8. You’re not gaining any new leads

Regardless of how much you publish, if you’re still not gaining new leads, take a step back and evaluate your cover image and your content. According to Social Media Examiner, a concise cover image should signal what your business is about, contain a simple call-to-action, and your logo. Clarity produces more leads.

Another consideration is your content. Avoid hard-selling content types and, instead, drive leads with content that delivers valuable information to your customers.

If your Facebook page isn’t the problem, it could be that your backlinks are not performing as anticipated. Building out a stream of backlinks takes work and careful planning. Although including backlinks in some of your Facebook marketing posts is essential, you’ll need to go beyond the social platform to really gain traction. If you haven’t done so already, consider guest posting on websites relevant to your business or industry. You could also respond to relevant, audience-generated questions on the social search engine, Quora — just make sure that your answer is substantial and offers insight and authority.

10. You’re Facebook marketing ads aren’t selling

Just as backlinks can underperform, so, too, can Facebook marketing ads. Don’t turn off your ad sets too early. It’s a common mistake. Remember, ads take time to reach a sizable audience. Aim for a goal for your ad to reach a certain number of people before making any changes, including ad optimization. Also, look at your specific conversions, not the overall conversion, to determine the actual cost per conversion. The overall conversion may not provide you with an accurate picture of your ad performance, especially if you’re tracking more than one type of conversion.

11. Your website isn’t landing on first-page search results

Speaking of conversions with Facebook marketing, the same, general idea applies to funneling traffic to your website via your Facebook posts. This is another area that you can track if you’re using Facebook ads to gain landing page visits. If not, then organic means can still get you there, but you’ll need to get a bit more creative with your posts and not blatantly sell. 

Some businesses have been successful in gaining traffic by leading to a popular blog post or an interesting landing page. Do you have any special events or promotions coming up? This might be one option to obtain a backlink and generate more traffic. Another might be a new product or your company’s latest research report or blog post. Mix it up for variety to keep your marketing efforts interesting for your audience.

12. You’re not earning positive influencer PR

Positive PR can do much to grow a business, but how you obtain it matters. You can only do so much with Facebook marketing. To gain some positive PR, you’ll need to step beyond the bounds of your Facebook posts and reach out to other avenues, like HARO, or HARO can connect you with writers looking for interviews or expert quotes or comments that they can use in the articles they publish. In exchange, your name and business receive an honorable mention and, if the article is digital, a backlink to your website. It’s a chance for you to lend your industry knowledge for some positive PR. 

Always request that the writer provide you with a copy of the live link once the digital article is published. You can then promote the article on your website and on your business Facebook page. Don’t forget to comment on the post to announce to your audience why you’re sharing.

The final word

It’s normal to occasionally lose some customers or followers on Facebook. It happens all the time. Some people might not like your Facebook page because your page is not a verified page. Facebook page verification is simple and easy. Some people drop off and others join in. However, if you’re losing customers in large numbers and consistently, that doesn’t mean the end for your Facebook marketing campaign. Instead, re-evaluate what you’re currently doing versus what you could try. 

Marketing plans are not set in stone for a reason. They must be periodically evaluated, tested, measured and adjusted. A successful marketing campaign takes a lot of work and marketing know-how. If you lack the time or expertise, consider contacting a professional marketer with proven skills to handle the tasks for you.

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Usman Raza
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