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Show and Tell: Simple Content Marketing Tactics to Boost Brand Awareness

By Jawad Khan, Last Modified
Jun 10, 2015
> Marketing

In today’s competitive business environment, the quality of your products and services is not the only factor that determines the success of your business. Nearly every business in your industry claims to offer the same value for the client’s money.

To stand out from the crowd and attract more leads, you need to create brand awareness that is carefully positioned to earn the trust of your target market.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to differentiate your business from your competitors. Nearly 88 percent of marketers consider content marketing an ideal strategy for creating brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Almost 50 percent of B2C marketers intend to increase their content marketing budgets significantly in the next 12 months.

 Content Marketing Statistics

Image via Contently

To fast-track your growth and create brand awareness with content marketing, in a much shorter time period, here are three tactics that you need to implement right away.

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1. Start a Blog and Build an Email List

For most companies involved in content marketing, blogging is the foundation of all their marketing and branding activities. A high quality blog attracts more organic traffic from search engines and social media and establishes your credibility.

Some of the most innovative modern day companies are using their blogs to differentiate themselves from their competitors. For example, KISSMetrics receives almost 70 percent of all its organic traffic directly to its blog, not the home page. Another company, HubSpot, gets almost 40 percent of its traffic due to its blog content.

Set up a blog today if you have yet to do so. There are different website builders if you want options other than WordPress.

At the same time, start building your email list from the first day. Your email subscribers list is your biggest online asset; a gold mine filled with potential customers. Some of the most successful online marketers and entrepreneurs rate building an email list as their number one business priority.

The best way to build your email list is by offering a high value incentive to your blog visitors. For example, you can offer an in-depth eBook on one of the core issues of your industry, or a case study that describes how you helped other businesses achieve their goals.

You could try completely different like MahiFX, a forex trading website. Instead of using the conventional opt-in form to generate leads, this website takes an innovative route and compares your earnings against a leading forex trader. The insights it shows are so compelling that most visitors choose to sign up for their list.

Forex John Paulson

Image via MahiFX

The basic idea is to entice your visitors to sign up for your list by offering something valuable. Make this your number one priority from the day you start blogging.

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2. Associate Yourself With Industry Leaders

The most effective way to gain instant brand recognition and position your business higher than your competitors is by associating yourself with the most authentic names and platforms in your industry. In content marketing terms, this specifically refers to guest blogging and influencer outreach.

Guest blogging is when you create a high quality blog post and offer it for free to an already established blog that your target audience follows.

In return, you create brand awareness, increase your credibility and generate more traffic to your own blog.

When you consistently appear on leading blogs and publications in your industry, you build trust which in turn makes customers willing to pay for your services.

Similarly, you need to regularly engage the top influencers in your industryand build relationships with them. Twitter is the best place to engage in conversation. Once you have established relationships with the opinion makers and the leaders of your industry, they can endorse your brand and help you find more prospects.

You can display these endorsements on your blog, your corporate profile, your website and other platforms where you engage with your potential customers. For example, here’s how Mabbly, a digital marketing company, uses logos of different blogs they’ve been featured on.

Mabbly Screenshot

Image via Mabbly

Here's another example from a personal blog.

Writing My Destiny Blog Screenshot

Image via Writing My Destiny

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3. Use Facebook Advertisements to Generate Leads

When you start blogging and being featured on other leading blogs in your niche, people related to your industry will start recognizing you.

Using paid advertisements will accelerate the process of brand awareness that you need to attract relevant visitors to your blog

Facebook news feed advertisements convert better than most other forms of paid advertising on the internet. This is primarily because most of your target audience is already on Facebook. You just need to create an ad that grabs the reader's attention.

Facebook provides very in-depth audience targeting features for its ads, so you’ll know exactly who you’re targeting and which segment of your customers is converting the best.

Using these ads you can promote your blog content, attract visitors to your blog, and convert them into email subscribers.

Configuring effective Facebook ads can be tricky, but there are free online resources to point you in the right direction.

Wrapping It Up

A strong brand image is crucial for differentiating your business from your competitors, and for attracting high paying clients on a regular basis. Achieving this objective becomes much easier when you have the right content marketing strategy that combines blogging, email marketing, guest blogging and targeted Facebook advertising. If you get this combination right, you can establish a strong brand presence in your niche very quickly.

Jawad Khan
Jawad Khan
See Jawad Khan's Profile
Jawad Khan is a content marketing consultant and a freelance blogger for hire. Follow him on his blog Writing My Destiny.
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