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15 Construction Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Nicole Fallon
Nicole Fallon

Get insights and advice from construction industry experts in these free podcasts.

The construction industry can be tough to figure out, and for those wishing to hear from fellow professionals about their experiences and advice, there are several podcasts that cover a wide range of topics within the industry. Having the right information is critical in the construction industry. Knowing where to find the right materials, workmanship and identifying where to invest determines how well you perform in the construction industry.

A good place to get that information is via podcasts. There are a variety of podcasts that give insight and guidance on how to navigate the construction industry. Here are 15 podcasts that feature professionals, interviews, and discussions that provide the insight and guidance you may be looking for to grow your business. These podcasts are currently active and free to download on iTunes, Google Play and most major podcast platforms.

The ConTechCrew

This podcast, published by construction software maker JBKnowledge, is almost always mentioned first when discussing construction-related podcasts. Hosted by construction consultant Rob McKinny and JBKnowledge's CEO James Benham, this podcast explores the latest technologies that are changing the industry and how companies can use them to their advantage.

From 3D printing to drones to the latest workflow apps, McKinny and Benham discuss (with a panel of guests) the latest innovations in hardware, software and equipment for all aspects of the construction business. Guests include experts from the biggest names in the industry like Caterpillar, DeWalt and Milwaukee Tools, plus experts on the latest tech trends and how they can be applied to construction. The team is approaching 300 episodes, so there's a healthy back catalog of episodes to listen through.

The Construction Leading Edge

This podcast is hosted by a construction professional providing insight into topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship and business. The Construction Leading Edge leans toward the business side of the construction industry and is best for owners, managers and entrepreneurs. Todd Dawalt lends his 20 years of expertise in the construction industry and interviews other construction professionals on their experiences and how they've run their companies.

Dawalt and his guests focus their conversations on running a construction business and navigating the industry, especially in volatile times. For aspiring construction entrepreneurs, there are plenty of episodes about getting started in the industry, management techniques in the field and the office, and growing a thriving construction business.

The Contracting Coachcast

The Contracting Coachcast provides you with knowledge and essential tips for starting and running a successful contracting business. Tony Booth is the Contracting Coach and releases a new podcast every weekday. Each podcast is packed with tips and guidance on running a successful contracting business. He discusses nearly every aspect of being a contractor, including developing a budget, finding the right subcontractors and self-motivation.

Booth offers advice on starting a project on the right foot by not only providing tips on drafting estimates, accounting, and planning but also having the right mindset and not beating yourself over missteps.

FYIFYI: Booth's coaching and advice are not only valuable to contractors but also to any business owner.

The Constructrr

The Constructrr is hosted by construction manager and consultant Brittanie Campbell-Turner, bringing insights on how to revolutionize the construction industry. The Construction project manager and business consultant Campbell-Turner interviews construction company owners and managers to highlight their accomplishments and business practices. Much of the content is focused on the companies' core values, company culture and how they use them to achieve their goals and vision. The podcast also examines the state of the industry, the latest trends and the positive impacts made by guests and their companies.

The Lien Zone

The Lien Zone comprises a team of construction lawyers providing knowledge on different legal issues engineering contracts and construction insurance. Miami construction lawyer Alexander Barthet answers some of the most asked questions regarding construction law, liens and contracts on his weekly podcast. Barthet breaks down some of the most complicated and confusing aspects of the construction industry for contractors and managers.

The episodes are short, usually around 15 minutes long, allowing Barthet to directly address specific questions and subjects. Some episodes are specific to Florida state law or the Florida construction industry, but most of the legal information Barthet imparts is useful to construction companies nationwide. He explores subjects such as what to include in a contract, what are your legal responsibilities on the construction site, and, just as the title implies, everything you need to know about construction liens.

The Art of Construction

The Art of Construction is hosted by active professionals in the building industry, Devon Tilly and Kevin Keefe of Mountain View Window & Door in Denver. The pair interviews fellow professionals, contractors and construction experts about such topics as architecture, industry trends and the latest tech tools and apps. Interviews with businesses will often include stories from architects and contractors on how they overcame problems and led their businesses to success.  

99% Invisible

This is a creative podcast hosted by Roman Mars. Episodes are relatively short and cover interesting topics about construction and design in everyday life. The 99% Invisible podcast  focuses on things that are likely to go unnoticed, such as architecture or special designs that we may not be familiar with.

Build Your House Yourself University

This podcast encourages its viewers to build with or without a constructor. It focuses more on labor management and making better decisions to cut down on costs when making residential houses.

Construction Brothers

The Construction Brothers is helpful for those looking to learn more about the virtual construction industry. Hosted by brothers Eddie and Tyler Campbell, the 6th generation builders interview construction industry professionals and inform listeners on the latest technological advancements that can be utilized in the industry.

TipTip: Each Friday, be sure to check out "5 Minute Friday" where the brothers share their best industry tips and tricks.

ConExpo-Con/Agg Radio

ConExpo-Con/Agg Radio is perfect for those who run a business or are looking to gain some insight on how to manage employees. Host and business owner, Missy Scherber, focuses heavily on promoting a positive work environment and improving company morale.

The Business of Architecture

The Business of Architecture is a great resource for those looking for guidance in marketing, finance and management roles. Host Bartlett Sears sits down with industry professionals and gives tips on building relationships with clients, designing and branding for business, and more.

The Peggy Smedley Show

In this podcast, Peggy Smedley talks with top professionals in digital construction to provide insight into the changing market and share what they’ve learned as leaders in the industry. Smedley looks at current market trends and gives advice on how to grow and learn with the industry.

Did you know?Did you know? The Peggy Smedley Show has more than 700 episodes and is ranked as the No. 1 IoT and Digital Transformative podcast


For those in leadership positions looking for some guidance, EntreLeadership can help. Host George Kamel talks with some of the top names in the business as they share tips on how to communicate with co-workers and lead effectively to grow companies.


In the TRXL podcast, host Evan Troxel discusses the use of tech in the modern-day architecture industry. With an ever-changing industry, Troxel brings on experienced guests to make sense of all the latest advancements and discuss how guests use the technology in their own companies.

Contractor Cents

This podcast focuses on making financial and leadership decisions for contracting businesses. Host Ruth King shares advice on everything from being a conscious business to finding the resources to provide benefits to employees while increasing profitability as a small company.

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