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6 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Create 10x Content

Henry Foster
Henry Foster

It takes time to create 10x content, but the results are well worth the effort.

Should you waste your time on 10x content?

The online world is a crowded space. For businesses trying to stand out with content marketing, it makes it extremely difficult to build website traffic, generate leads and prove an ROI on efforts.

Nonetheless, a standby of nearly all the companies that are doing well in the content marketing space is something called "10x content." Rand Fishkin, SEO Wizard at Moz, discusses 10x content in one of his Whiteboard Fridays.

The beauty of this type of content is that it's remarkable. It's so above and beyond what's already out there that it stands above the rest. Its unique angle gives it leverage that users seek out and share. I'm not going to discuss how to create 10x content (I suggest you check out the Whiteboard Friday link above), but I will discuss the benefits of creating it.

Specifically, I'll be answering: Why should you "waste" hours of your time creating 10x content?

1. Social Shares

As a content marketer, you're looking for ways to spread your message as far as possible. Social media is a perfect way to do this, but only if you have content that prompts people to share. The whole point of 10x content is that it makes people say "Wow!"

Perhaps you answered their question in a unique way, supplied them with more information than they expected, provided entertainment, etc. It really doesn't matter how you made them fall in love with your work, but there most certainly has to be an "aha" moment when they say to themselves "This is special."

If you can get someone to the point where they believe your content is special, you'll earn a lot of shares, which means even more people viewing and sharing your content.

2. Links

The highways of the internet are links.

Everyone wants them, no one is willing to work for them. It's not easy to naturally build links to your website. However, it's altogether possible (and a whole lot more likely) when you have 10x content on your business's website.

When you take the time to create the stellar content people are looking for, readers will naturally link to it over time.

Natural link building is a big part of growing an online presence and increasing traffic to a website. As I said, it's not easy to do. But with a strategy focused on providing a lot more value than what readers expect, people are more likely to link back.

After all, when's the last time you linked to an okay piece of content?

3. Content promotion

It's a lot easier to promote things you're proud of.

When you create a normal blog post, why bother talking to people about it? In reality, millions of people are posting similar quality articles every day. On the other hand, when you have a unique piece that you poured hours of time into, people will be more receptive to your promotional efforts.

People don't mind getting cold emails if they get value out of it. Take advantage of this to earn social shares and links for your best pieces.

4. Credibility

What separates the best digital marketers in the world from others?

I'm sure there are many factors involved, but when you visit the blogs of the best marketers, you'll find articles chock full of good stuff.

Not every piece will be 10x. In fact, most won't be that amazing. But by putting out solid content time and time again, the best marketers have developed a reputation as a value creator. And they continue to back this up with over-the-top pieces that get remembered by readers, shared thousands of times and linked to from all over the internet.

What type of content would you be proud to put your name on?

5. Organic Traffic

From an SEO perspective, creating 10x content can most certainly lead to organic traffic from Google.

Not all pieces will be great examples of search optimized pieces (aka keyword usage, keyword density, metadata, proper outbound links, structure, etc.). Nonetheless, you can still win organic search traffic if your piece is established as an authority on the topic being covered.

As Google becomes smarter, it has continued to focus on user intent, rather than the nitty-gritty SEO tactics of times past. This means that if you answer the searcher's questions better than other websites, you'll have a chance to rank.

6. Leads/Subscribers

Ultimately, the point of your website is to generate revenue. It should be an asset no matter what type of business you're in.

Luckily, 10x content helps to bring the "right" people to your website. If you set things up correctly, this means you can collect leads or simply get people on your weekly newsletter. This may come in the form of a downloadable version of your piece, a content upgrade, a giveaway or any number of things that entice website visitors.

The important part here is that what you are creating actually aligns with the type of visitors you are trying to attract to your website and sell to.

Why wait?

Yes, 10x content does take forever to create.

You may be collecting data for weeks, formatting an infographic or cold emailing hundreds of people for a poll.

I assure you that if you are able to create a piece of content that's truly remarkable – and aligns with your target audience – it will be more than worth your time in the long run. In fact, it's your 10x pieces of content that will make up the majority of your web traffic, earn you credibility and grow your email list faster.

As for a personal example, I created a list of over 500 social media and content marketing tools that led to shares on social, backlinks, an opportunity to appear on a podcast and a lot of email subscribers.

Take the time to put in the effort now, and as long as you're smart about the content that you create, it will be worth it.

The question is, what piece of 10x content will you create?

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Henry Foster
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