6 Top Resources for Media Contact Lists

Business.com / PR / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

If you share anything, including a traditional press release, you need an expert. Here's a list of PR resources that offer media lists.

The evolution of media from printing the first newspaper in Boston Massachusetts in 1690, to delivering breaking news via social media has been remarkable. We are living in a global economy with digital messages that travel at the speed of light. Every channel offers opportunities, and every moment counts in a crisis – but it’s easy to get lost in the variables.

Media’s global reach can be both a blessing and a curse, potentially delivering your brand and your products to untapped markets but also exposing you to risks on a global scale. All businesses need media attention to be visible in the market, for which they publicize.

However, in today’s competitive market even a minute mistake is not forgotten and a small spark can easily be blown out of proportion. You are just a tweet away from shattering your organization’s image, and social media is just one place where you have to be cautious and make decisions on what is to be shared in the public domain.

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Today if you share anything, including a traditional press release, you need a media expert working on it. To be able to smoothly run this process, gain greater penetration and ultimately reach your target audience, you need to identify the right media contact to help you out. You want someone with the required skills to create maximum impact, and you want to find them as early as possible, with the least possible effort.

Several companies offer tools and services that can get you connected to all the media you want. Of course, they each come with a price. Here is a short list of companies that could help you build your perfect media contact list.


With a database of 1.4 million journalists, bloggers and key influencers, Vocus provides you enough support to ensure that you have the arsenal of contacts you need to succeed.

A team of researchers, primarily ex-journalists, crosschecks every detail added to the database to ensure accuracy. The database tool includes contact details including twitter handles, social profiles, and in-depth information about the journalists in your target areas. The tool also keeps you updated when those contacts switch companies or make other changes.

The service starts at $300 per month for the basic edition, and can go as high as $2500 per month for full access to the entire database of professional journalists. A free demo is available upon request.

Market Wired

With access to over 950,000 individually named contacts, Market Wired provides you with a fast and flexible way to make media connections.

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With the help of global research centers, the database is regularly updated and additional capabilities, like exporting contacts, creating custom lists, and managing workflows, helps you manage your contacts better. The prices start at $460 per month. A free demo is available upon request.

Media Contacts Pro

Media Contacts Pro provides comprehensive and current media lists, including over 500k media contacts and 89k media outlets. They provide a media database featuring magazines, newspapers and syndicates along with a list of e-mail addresses, Twitter handles, URLs, fax numbers and more.

State-wide or country-wide databases of media contacts are provided, with prices starting at $9.95. Sample data with lists of around 800 contacts are also available.

My PR Genie

My PR Genie connects you with 540,000 journalists, helps you find top journalists in every industry across the globe, and lets you customize your contact list accordingly. It also provides a consolidated newsroom optimized for managing all press releases, with the ability to track real-time views of your press releases.

The free edition includes an unlimited press release posting option (without any additional features), or you can enjoy additional features with prices starting at just $19 per month for the basic edition, going up to $500 per month for the premium edition. A 30-day free trial is available for you to test out each edition.

Muck Rack

Muck Rack’s “Find Journalists” option gives you access to over 20,000 journalists on the most relevant topics for your organization. It enables you to streamline your outreach with concise, targeted pitches using their journalist-approved pitching platform, as well as receive email notifications when journalists tweet or link to articles matching your search terms.

Muck Rack even notifies you when journalists are looking for specific sources or content, and helps you build relationships with them over social media. All of this results in better engagement with perfect timing.

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Pricing starts from $179 per month for the standard edition, to $269 per month for the advanced edition. A free demo is available upon request.


Gorkana Media Database comprises of over 100K journalists and blogger contact details including their photos, Twitter handles, phone numbers, email addresses, department and other relevant contact information. It also provides categorical search capabilities, live distribution lists and a dedicated relationship management system.

Pricing starts at $916.25 per month. A free demo is available upon request.

Depending on your needs, any one of these services could be the right choice for your business. Consider starting with a single list, and then putting on your networking shoes. Get social online and off, so you can meet a variety of people and build up your own contacts.

After all, it is a global marketplace. The whole world is out there waiting for you.

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