Sky's the Limit: How to Make Your Sales Numbers in 2016 / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

These are not new rules for 2016, these are the basics of sales. Practice and implement these tactics in 2016 to help make your numbers.

If you are a salesperson, you know the stresses of making the mark every month.

Some months are better than others, with holidays and other situations. However, there is a way to help ensure you make your sales numbers every time in 2016.

Here are five tips and rules you should be practicing  for every single sale to meet those sales quotas.

These are not new rules for 2016, these are the basics of sales. You need to practice and implement these tactics in 2016 to help make your numbers. 


Listening may seem like the easiest thing in the world, but most people only do it half way. To become a better listener, stop thinking about other things you want to say before the person is even done saying what they have to say.

When a customer tells you something, your first instinct and question should be, “Why?” You want to dig deeper into their thoughts. You do not want to sidetrack them or be thinking about what you want to offer them.

If they want a CRM system, you should ask them,  "Why?" Then, once they give you that information, find out as many details as possible while taking detailed notes. Now they feel as if they have a true partner that is working for them and their interests. Furthermore, you know exactly what to offer them to fulfill their needs.

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You are going to be selling something similar to someone else, so it’s important to know as much about the competition’s product/service as your own. You can use this information to work for you. If your product offers the same basic features, but you can promise full support 24/7 and the competition doesn’t, you’ve got a selling point.

Learn what your competition offers and what they don’t offer. Start with your top competitor and take notes on what they offer in a separate document. Highlight their strengths and weaknesses in different colors and sort them in columns. Now, compare that against your product/service offerings and start building selling points.

Be a Consultant & Business Advisor

Instead of telling clients what they need, take a consultative approach. Be there for them by listening to them (rule number one). Then put together a plan that provides them with what they want. It seems like common sense, but just like the listening tip, you’d be surprised how many salespeople are too concentrated on simply making their sales.

You are the professional in your industry and your prospect/client is looking to you for help. Think, "What’s In It For Me?" If you were seeking a professional’s advice, you would want them to be educated about your business and present you with the best solutions.

Always give your customer/prospect the best advice that you can give them as a professional in your industry. This means you must study their business and how your product/service can benefit them. This also means you must always be honest.

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Seek Professional Help

You may have to invest in yourself to meet your sales numbers in 2016. However, the investment will pay dividends. Try working with a one-on-one sales coach or sales trainer.

Professionals will keep you motivated and keep you on track while teaching you new methods and solutions about your industry and specific services or products that you can use to meet new prospects and close more sales.


You were hired for a single purpose: get sales and drive revenue. If you aren’t meeting your numbers, you’re not doing your job, and the company fails, or, at least, makes less money.

Make sure you’re disciplined, setting goals and sticking to a schedule. Always be networking and prospecting for more business. And keep the creative juices flowing for better and more improved ideas. Read books and articles about your industry and about your client’s industry to keep yourself abreast of the latest news. This will give you a competitive edge. 

Maintain Business & Relations

The last thing to consider is to keep the customer happy. Finding a new customer can be harder to do than keeping a current one. Keeping a current customer happy can also provide you with a rich resource for referrals. If it is within your power to make them happy (while staying profitable), do so.

Learn How to Present Your Sales Proposal Like a Boss - read this article to learn more about presenting your sales proposal like a true professional. This final step will help you close more sales when it counts and help you make your numbers in 2016.

Cheers and Happy Selling!

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