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A small business database can range in size from a few lines of information on a hard drive to a huge database management system ...

A small business database can range in size from a few lines of information on a hard drive to a huge database management system saved on a corporate mainframe.  

Small business databases are useful in many ways. One will organize information in a consistent manner and make it accessible to all employees. There are various ways to go when choosing a business database program for your business depending on your business needs. 

When sifting through options for small business databases for your business you must first: 

  1. Consider who will be using the business database program.
  2. Determine how often the data will be modified, and who will be modifying it.  
  3. Decide who will support the small business database software technically.  

Look into a desktop database for small companies

Desktop small business database software is very common and a good choice if only you and maybe one more person are users. These programs are usually no-frills and don't interact with web applications, but they are easy to get and inexpensive. This is a very good database solution for most small businesses offering a business or service in a traditional setting to keep track of customers, inventory and more.

Explore whether a server business database system is right for you

A server database is a bigger commitment, bigger change and bigger costs. You need this if you are planning to do ecommerce through your business or have multiple people using the database. These databases are designed to work on large servers, not personal computers.

Use web-based database software to build a data-driven webpage

Web based database applications use data you already have to build a website, which is basically the opposite process from the other database solutions. Small business database-driven webpages can give your business flexibility, a dynamic webpage and very easy access to information.

Create a text file delimited database

Although this is technically not a database, it can serve the same purpose. It is very simple to create a flat text-file, save it and access it with a webpage. This is probably the cheapest solution, but only a good one for few users with minimal information to organize.
  • Choose a database program that allows room for growth of your business.
  • Avoid choosing a small company database software based solely on price.

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