Small Screen Success: The Video Strategy You Haven't Thought of Yet / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

How can you improve your business bottom line through web videos? Here are some video strategies you might not have thought of yet.

In our the first article in this series, we discussed the different types of videos that can help improve your company’s profitability.  We talked about the importance of “moving the needle” in the right direction with the use of your company’s funds.

Among the different types of videos that can help produce an excellent return on your investment, we discussed testimonial videos and demonstration videos.

There are other types of videos that when properly produced, can also make a significant contribution towards improving your bottom line. 

Social Media Videos

Today, most businesses have implemented a social media strategy as a means of connecting with customers. Many use social media to increase their brand awareness with the hope that by doing this, their sales will improve.

Anyone who hangs around social media channels knows that there are a ton of business videos being shared. This suggests that an investment in social media videos can be worth the cost. For more on that, check out an article I wrote an article called Are Social Media Videos Worth the Cost?

According to an article on Forbes, posting on social media can increase brand recognition, community, authority, influence, and repeat exposure. A video with a clear call to action can increase website traffic and give your potential customers a reason to visit your site. Once there you have the chance to engage the viewer further. 

The social media channel you’ll choose will depend on:

  • The type of company you have
  • Your target market
  • Your overall marketing goals and strategies

There are several social media channels to choose from that allow video. For example, there’s Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Vine and LinkedIn. It’s important for you to determine where your customers and potential customers hang out. 

Please keep in mind that these social media networks are growing by leaps and bounds, and your customers are being exposed to a tremendous amount of content every day by participating in these channels. So how can you stand out? By implementing video marketing into your social media strategy.

The use of video in social media is a fantastic way to connect. In Video Statistics: The Marketer’s Summary 2014, they report that:

  •  Video has been shown to increase people’s understanding about a company or product by 74%. 
  •  46% of those viewing a video ad on social media took action.  

One of the key points their research has shown is that when it comes to video, demographics don’t matter. People aged 35-54 are just as likely to view on-line video content as those aged 18-24.

Amazingly, 65% of audiences visit a company’s website after they have viewed the video on social media. Though producing the video itself will cost you money, placement of the videos on social media and on your website will not.

Now before you run out with your video camera and shoot your video, it’s important to understand that content, quality, and a clear strategy are important.  Also your video needs to be short, engaging, and professionally shot and edited to stand out and make a positive impression. Stay tuned for future articles on how to create social media videos that work.

Tour Videos

There are different types of tour videos that can help you market your company, services or products. Among those are:

  • Manufacturing Plant Tours
  • Destination Tours
  • Medical Office Tours

Manufacturing plant tour videos allow you to bring your manufacturing plant to your customers, instead of bringing them to your plant. This can be a very effective sales tool, because it can provide instant credibility with your current and potential customers.

If you’re manufacturing a high-priced product, we’ve found that it can really help move the sales process forward when customers see and understand:

  • How the product is produced.
  • Why its price is relative to its high quality.

For example, we recently produced a plant tour video for an impact resistant window company. The visuals showing a variety of individuals taking the time to construct each window and door with precision and pride, along with footage of the high-tech equipment used in the process.

This video communicates that this company is serious about creating the best windows in the industry. We even shot a series of demonstrations with a 2x4 being shot out of a cannon to show the durability of the windows. That was a very effective demonstration of quality!

Destination tour videos speak for themselves. Imagine that you are marketing a luxurious travel destination. Sure pictures can demonstrate the beauty, but we all know that with Photoshop, pictures can be doctored. It’s also frustrating for viewers when they’re not able to see various angles and locations.

Video allows you to take the viewer to the location where they can experience what it’s really like. Add in a powerful narration along with majestic music, and the viewer can become immersed in the video. This type of video can really increase a viewers desire for the destination when it’s done well.  

Medical Office tours are becoming more common every day. They allow the patient to become more comfortable with the doctor and staff, by meeting them by way of video. Through video you can also demonstrate things like:

  • The cleanliness of the offices, and the friendliness of the staff.
  • Typical procedures. By giving potential patients a video overview, you can demonstrate competency.
  • Patient testimonials. We find that these can have a huge impact on marketing a medical practice to potential patients.


Both social media videos and tour videos can help market your company, products, and services more effectively than other forms of communication, and can save you money in the long run, as well as increase your ROI.

In part three of this article series we’ll talk about additional ways you can use web videos to improve your bottom line!



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