Smarter Not Harder: Simple Lead Generating Tips for Increased Sales / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Generating leads doesn't have to be rocket science. These tips are easy to understand and highly effective.

Some businesses only take on clients during certain parts of the year, while others base their entire operation on attracting new clients each day.

No matter which side of the fence your business falls on, there's no denying that generating leads is of utmost importance for the success of your business operations.

Leads are all about segmenting your customer personas and marketing to them using customized techniques. Let's take a close look at three lead generation tips that are really simple to use. 

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1. Mine Your Prospects' Information Using LinkedIn

When was the last time you collected data from your prospects' LinkedIn profiles? If it has been awhile, you definitely need to update your collected data. In fact, depending on the amount of interactions you perform on LinkedIn, you may benefit from mining this data daily.

LinkedIn also allows you to create niche groups, so you can tape these to reach your target audience. When you form targeted groups around your industry niche or topic, your lead generation efforts will have a natural home. When creating a LinkedIn group, work with the 80/20 content rule—20 percent branded content/promotions from your brand, and 80 percent of content from others. Be sure to engage the members of your group, and encourage their interaction with group peers. 

In addition to these groups, refine your search results to target prospects that you have the best connections with.

LinkedIn Search Result

Image via Sales Force 

Compared to other social networks, 44 percent of B2B marketers have successfully generated leads through LinkedIn versus 39 percent through Facebook and 30 percent through Twitter. Regardless of the industry you are in, LinkedIn is the most effective social platform to generate leads.

In some cases, you won’t be able to find your prospect’s phone number on their Linkedin profile. You can easily look-up the information for free using NationalCellphoneDirectory’s Happy Hour to do a quick search using their name and address. I'd recommend starting with an email or LinkedIn message introduction to break the ice with a less intrusive mode of communication.

2. Hire a Highly Skilled Team to Make Sales Calls

What role do you play in your company? Unless you are a sales person who excels in closing prospective leads, you might want to consider outsourcing the task to a call center agency. 

Not only can skilled employees your prospects into customers, but they also understand that importance of efficiency by focusing their techniques on methods that convert leads in the quickest manner possible. Along with this process, outsourced lead generation yields 43 percent better results than in-house.

Another advantage of outsourcing the sales call process of converting leads is that it can save you money. You won't have to pay someone a salary to handle your sales calls. Instead, you can acquire the services on an as-needed basis.

Additionally, you won't be spending money on training expenses because your outsourced sales team is already trained.The agency also provides equipment—such as phones, laptops, etc.—so there is less overhead cost for you. There are many different contact centers in other countries that have agents who speak English. I’ve come across a page where a contact center showcased a recording of their agents and was amazed at how they sound like a native English speaker.

EB Call Center

Image via EB Call Center

Gone are the days where you have to play various roles in the company. By outsourcing your sales calls, you can choose which position you prefer and focus on it. This will help improve your operational efficiency which in turn boosts productivity and profit margins. 

Outsourced sales calls helps to simplify your daily operations. Your telemarketing campaigns are sure to be improved, which not only increase your client count, but also provides optimal customer satisfaction. As your customer satisfaction and loyalty increases, so does your brand awareness.

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3. Optimize Your Landing Pages for Conversion

There is more to optimizing your landing page for conversion than just making sure that it is aesthetically appealing.

Countless studies have shown that the kind of images that you’re use, where you place your sign-up buttons, and even the kind of alignment you use on your texts (among others) can greatly affect your conversion.

Web Design changes for conversion

Image via Kissmetrics

Isn’t it amazing how things that are as minute as these can actually influence your visitors to buy from you instead of just consuming your website’s content?

It is for this reason that marketers are utilize the data discovered from running surveys and split tests to have a better understanding of what converts on their website.

Things to consider when optimizing your landing page’s conversion:

  • Don’t add different kinds of call-to-action buttons in one landing page. Stick to one CTA then sprinkle it on different parts of your page where it makes sense.
  • Choose a reputable hosting company so you’ll rarely experience downtime.
  • Focus on talking about how your prospect’s can benefit from your product, not how amazing your product’s features are.
  • Remind your prospects of the frustration of having to experience the specific problems that your product can solve. That way, they won’t think twice about buying from you.

These conversion optimization tips are proven and tested to have worked. As an additional resource, Kissmetrics’ blog post can help you further understand conversion optimization.

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