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12 Discount Programs to Help Small Business Owners Save Money

Meredith Wood
Meredith Wood

Save on airfare, office supplies and tech with these discount programs.

Nothing is worse than saving up to buy must-have essentials for your business, only to wonder whether you really, truly got a good deal. Everyone wants to save a little money – especially small business owners who are already accustomed to watching their wallets and pinching their pennies.

It can feel especially unfair when big corporations, already crowding out small businesses around the globe, can afford to buy in bulk from suppliers and save big while independent ventures are left to fend for themselves.

Luckily, unbeknownst to many, there are a wealth of discount programs available specifically for small businesses, helping them save money on office supplies, airline fares, shipping costs and other common expenses. Couple these benefits with the cash back perks of a business credit card and you can really save money.

Here are 12 big ways to save.

Allied Business Network

Perhaps the best all-around discount program for small businesses, the Allied Business Network offers an incredible collection of discounts for insurance, business services, car rentals, hotels, office supplies, shipping, technology, and more.

Sign up and membership for ABN is completely free, and the benefits include savings of 5 to 85 percent (depending on the deal), discounts that never expire, and deals with national vendors like Hertz, Office Depot, UPS, and Days Inn.


Formerly known as Rewardli, PerkHub is a platform where small business owners and employees of member firms can come together and pool their buying power, allowing them access to the kind of bulk deals that big businesses get. Sign up (for free) to get trial memberships and discounts on purchases from Office Max, NetParcel, Bing and other sellers, as well as a free business credit report consultation from Dun & Bradstreet.

Wayfair Business

A comfortable, productive office starts with the right decor and furniture, creating the right environment for both your employees and your guests or clients. Wayfair, which sells exactly those things at affordable prices, has a business program that gives you additional discounts (around 10 to 12 percent) on your initial purchases, along with a dedicated account manager who can track your purchases and provide design advice.

To join Wayfair Business, you just need an EIN for your company and a registered address – no membership or application fees needed.  

Newegg Business

Online retailer for tech and computer products, Newegg has a business-oriented sister site called Newegg Business. If you need to invest in hardware or software for your company, sign up for Newegg Business's loyalty program to garner rewards on your purchases and use those points to get future discounts.

Office Depot Business Solutions

Whether you're a sole proprietor or the owner of a business with hundreds of employees, you can probably get mileage of out the Office Depot Business Solutions program. Use this free-to-join program to purchase office supplies, electronics, and furniture at low prices, with additional incentives like customizable workflows and multiuser accounts.

Verizon Discount Program

If you're a Verizon customer, you can join the phone provider's discount program to gain access to deals on not just Verizon products but on products from Verizon's partners as well.

Eligible businesses can get 25 percent off selected services, and 8 percent discounts off of monthly access fees on eligible voice and data calling plans and features, plus business pricing on wireless equipment.

Verizon MyBusiness members can also access discounts on services and products from FedEx, Staples, Rainbow Advertising, Ricoh and Verizon Merchant Services.

Home Depot Pro Xtra/Lowe's for Pros

Both Home Depot and Lowe's have professional accounts that are great for all businesses, not just contractors and handymen (though they will definitely want to join both of these programs).  

Pro Xtra is a small business discount program that helps you save on things like paint, lumber, tools and tool rentals, and other office renovation necessities. Lowe's for Pros lets you save money on bulk purchases, access exclusive members-only sales and benefit from tax-free purchases.

Hertz Business Rewards

If you even just occasionally need to rent a car for your business, a program like Hertz Business Rewards is a must. It's free to join with no membership fees, and you get 20 percent off car rentals (for business purposes), free Hertz Gold membership, special rates, and points that go toward free rentals.

Business Extra/SkyBonus/Perks Plus

Many major airlines work with large and small businesses alike to offer discount programs and encourage their business. Each airline has different requirements in order to join, but if you do so, you can not only reap frequent flier miles as a business owner or employee but as an individual, allowing you to double the miles you earn with each flight.

  • Business Extra from American Airlines gives a company two points for each $10 spent on air travel on American and its partners (British Airways, Finnair, Iberia), which can be redeemed for flights or perks.
  • Delta's SkyBonus program requires that $5,000 be spent cumulatively by at least five travelers each year, but it has a generous tiered earning structure (you can earn as much as 30 points per dollar spent on pricier flights).
  • United's PerksPlus program requires five travelers to spend $25,000 a year, but if you fly United and its partners (ANA and Lufthansa, among others) often, you can get six points per dollar spent on flights.

If there's a discount program out there that can save you money, why not jump on it? Even if it doesn't save hundreds of dollars, many can help you streamline the buying, returning, and customer service processes from your preferred vendors – and time is money.

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Meredith Wood
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