Snack Food Distributors and Wholesalers Basics

By Rhyah Fletcher, writer
Dec 31, 2011
Image Credit: Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

Use snack food distributors and wholesalers for the best deals

Snack food distributors and wholesalers are the backbone of a snack food business. While you can order snack foods directly from some manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors usually offer better bulk pricing on name brand snacks.

There are snack food manufacturers that also serve as their own snack food distributors, and they shouldn't be overlooked when ordering snack foods. Bulk food distributors offer snack foods in bulk from leading manufacturers, and usually include products such as nut mixes, spices, and snack mixes for bars and restaurants. When ordering your snack foods, remember these snack food distributors and wholesalers basics:

1. Some snack distributors focus on one aspect of the snacking industry, like vending machines.

2. Snack wholesalers don't always work with well-known brands, but that doesn't mean the snacks aren't top notch.

3. Many small companies are the manufacturer and snack food distributor. You may find more personal service when using a smaller, family-run company.

Work with a wholesale snack foods company for good deals

Wholesale snack food companies offer brands of different snacks for discounted bulk prices. The stock of a wholesaler can vary, but most wholesalers try to stock what customers need and do carry regular products.

Use a snack distributor that focuses on your business niche

There are snacks distributors that focus on concession stands, prepackaged snacks and portion snacks. By working with a company that specializes in your business niche, you get better service and can find products that fit your needs.

Find a snack foods distributor for your vending business

If you run a vending machine route, it's much easier to work with a snack distributor than to get all the product on your own. A vending distributor or wholesaler might have products you can't find at your local discount warehouse.
  • If you run a small snack foods business, such as operating one or two vending machines, and don't want to deal with snack food wholesalers or distributors, try a wholesale club. Small scale snack businesses can operate by using a wholesale club, such as Sam's Club or Costco, and only buying what's needed.
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