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Snack Foods Industry Overview

Rhyah Fletcher

Work with the top snack food companies and offer popular snacks to your clients

The snack foods business is extremely profitable and is a business full of different sales opportunities. Snack companies sell foods for vending machines, convenience stores, small businesses, schools and grocery retailers. A snack foods industry overview reveals a few reputable snack food distributors, along with a snack food association and popular snack foods tradeshow.

When working within the snack foods industry, dealing with reputable snack food suppliers is important. Research any company before investing in a large supply of snack foods. When ordering snack foods for your food service business consider the following:

1. Become familiar with well-known snack foods distributors and companies. Those with over 50 years in the business have good reputations and solid snack products.

2. Check into membership with the Snack Food Association, also known as the SFA, and take advantage of the membership rewards.

3. Know the FDA regulations on snack food labeling, especially those for diet snack foods.

Contact well-known snack food manufacturers when ordering products

Well-known snack food manufacturers are those with a proven track record of providing stellar service and a delicious, popular product. If you have a product in mind that you want for your business, look up the name of the brand to find the manufacturer. Many snack food distributors offer generic company brands, but also offer common brands familiar to the average consumer.

Become a member of the Snack Food Association

If you work on the distribution side of the snack foods business, then you should consider a membership in the Snack Food Association. This is the place that will help you with government food regulations, promote snack foods to the media and compile statistical and financial data about snack food distribution. You can also order publications, technical manuals and DVDs with or without membership.

Know the governmental regulations for snack foods

The FDA is constantly adding new governing laws for snack foods, especially those considered healthy food snacks. Knowing the laws helps you ensure that your snack food offerings meet all government regulations, and you won't have to pull products off the shelf that failed to follow the rules for labeling or product description. It's also important that any foods marked "organic" meet the standards set by the USDA.
FDA Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition. The United States Department of Agriculture provides a list of allowed substances and disallowed substances in foods marked "organic."
  • The snack foods industry has an allotted month for celebrating snack food. National Snack Food Month is in February, and the Snack Food Association hosts contests and consumer awareness campaigns during this time.
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Rhyah Fletcher