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How to Increase Your Social Media Reach

Adrian Fisher
Adrian Fisher

Amplifying your social media reach doesn't have to break your budget.

Having a solid social media strategy is critical to the success of any business's marketing efforts. The good news is that it doesn't have to come at a high cost.

Marketers spend a lot of time creating content. Sharing articles, infographics, videos and case studies on social media is essential to increasing your brand awareness and website traffic. Previous research from Social Media Examiner revealed that 89 percent of marketers reported that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses. The question is, how do you get your audience to see your posts?

If you don't have one already, you need a strategy for amplifying your social media reach. The good news is you can extend your influence without having to spend money on advertising. From recycling content to cross-posting, there are a number of budget-friendly ways to stretch your social media reach organically.

Cross-post on various channels.

Don't limit posting your content to just one social media channel. While you don't need to use every single network, it's important to publish content across multiple platforms to increase its exposure. Each network is different; consider whether or not the content format is ideal for the platform. Instagram, for example, works best for sharing beautiful, high-quality images, while Facebook is suitable for posting an article or video with engaging dialogue.

Posting on a variety of social media channels takes time, but, thankfully, there are tools that can help automate this process.

Engage with followers.

Posting on social media shouldn't be a one-way conversation. It's critical to interact with your audience directly to encourage participation. A high level of engagement extends the reach of a post. Do you ask your audience questions from time to time? Do your posts include some type of call to action? Asking questions and providing calls to action prompts followers to interact with your content.

Involve your audience by posting a poll on Facebook. Real estate agents, for example, can create a poll showing pictures of two different kitchen styles and ask followers to vote on their favorite look. The audience will be excited to give their input and curious to check in on the results. Find what interests your audience based on your particular market.

You don't have to share business posts only. For instance, you can have fun with your followers by posting cute pictures of dogs and cats for National Pet Day. Your audience will find these types of posts relatable and engaging.  

Remember to reply to all comments. Keep the dialogue going to encourage other followers to participate in the conversation and show you care. According to a survey by digital agency Wunderman, 79% of consumers say they want brands to actively demonstrate that they understand and care about them before they make a purchase.

Repurpose content.

Don't create and share one piece of content and forget about it. Look for ways to recycle it and use it again. You can repurpose most pieces of content by converting them into different mediums. Different types of content perform better on various platforms, so experiment with numerous formats. For example, you might take some data from a previous article and convert it into an infographic. Or transcribe an existing video interview with an industry expert and make it into a new blog post.

Maybe you have a blog on your website where you post articles. You can expand your reach on social media by republishing the blog posts on LinkedIn or Medium. Posting existing content on these platforms shows industry expertise and helps build your audience. You'll also save time and get more ROI from your content.

Mention other brands and influencers.

Some of the most engaging social media posts mention other people and brands. Whether you acknowledge an expert in your industry or a local business, discussing someone else notifies them that you've featured them, opening the door for engagement. For example, if you tag a brand on Twitter, there's a good chance they may "like" your tweet or respond. You may even get a retweet. Interacting with other businesses and people on social media is an excellent way to increase engagement.

Promoting other companies not only informs your audience, but it's a nice gesture that the other business may reciprocate. If a business shares your post or gives you a shout-out, you'll gain exposure to a new audience. Be on the lookout for opportunities to share information about other brands and businesses.

Amplifying your social media reach doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. There are numerous tactics, aside from advertising, you can use to increase your exposure and boost brand awareness organically. Marketers should consider the time it takes to create content and dedicate as much time executing amplification strategies to extend their social reach.

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Adrian Fisher
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