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Social Selling Adoption Trends for B2B Enterprises

James Warner
James Warner

Find out what B2B businesses can learn from B2C selling.

Social selling is the technique of persuading leads through social media platforms. As the number of people using social media platforms increases day by day, companies are focusing more on marketing through social media portals. The competition in the social media space is also rising, though, so businesses have to come up with some of the most innovative social media marketing techniques to catch the fancy of audiences. When it comes to specifically the B2B space, businesses have to put in a lot more effort.

As your B2B business enters a supported development stage, it presents you with fantastic chances to utilize your assets to reach an extended pool of clients. You're in a superior position to convey your offer to purchasers and decision-makers who were outside your impact, and your business efforts during this stage can lead you to exponential development that can change the course of your whole association.

Over the last five years, the idea of social deals has changed significantly with the reception of Web 2.0 and online networking. First of all, online life has enormously expanded the scale and reach of our relationship systems (individuals with whom we keep up some level of balanced contact) and friend systems (individuals we don't have the foggiest idea who they are but see as "individuals like me"). Web 2.0 advancements have additionally changed the manner in which we work together on the web, with most B2B purchasing choices beginning, advancing and closing on the web with no face-to-face gatherings.

Is the B2B space drifting toward social selling?

The B2B industry is now readily accepting new sales and marketing techniques. The industry is moving toward the digital means of sales and marketing because of the increased use of online and digital media. However, selling on the social platform is not limited to increasing your count of followers or getting more likes. The B2B space is much more competitive, meaning your company will have to go the extra mile to get in front of your audience's eyeballs. The extra effort will be worth it, as the returns from effective social media campaigns can be unbelievable. Also, as per some of the latest reports and stats, the number of people using social platforms and the number of companies available on social platforms are both increasing rapidly. Thus, B2B businesses have to use the best of marketing and sales techniques to attract other businesses.

At the same time, more utilization of the digital space will help B2B businesses to gather more data. Accessibility to a larger volume of big data will help your business to collect more information and glean more insights for the betterment of your marketing efforts. Therefore, the B2B space has happily accepted digitalization.

How different is B2B social selling from B2C social selling?

B2B social selling is vastly different from B2C social selling for a host of reasons. For B2B businesses, simply attracting the audience or getting shares and likes is not enough. They also have to rely on more than just generic campaigns or simple conversations. They have to specifically find out their target audience. Only they can curate campaigns for the businesses.

B2B sales campaigns have to use innovative ways to nurture prospects. They also have to gather a lot of information about their industry, like their user interests, and base the campaigns on them. The campaigns have to be more industry-specific, with a different level of interaction; the communication has to be more professional.

At the end of the day, your B2B business may need a corporate solution to help you manage your sales operations as well as your social media marketing activities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration is one of the best solutions for that.

Perhaps the hardest part of social selling is posting articles on a regular basis. All things considered, you're a salesperson, not a social media representative. Luckily, there are various applications that can enable you to post a constant flow of substance over different social stages. Take Buffer, for example: It does a great job of constantly upgrading its posts to make them apt for a B2B audience.

Impressing a business is not as easy as impressing a customer, but the benefits you can reap from impressing a business are also far greater. Therefore, B2B social champions have to have the best social marketing strategies to attract the right category of the audience. The B2B social media planning and strategy is definitely very different from the ones B2C businesses create. Your B2B business has to convince the other business that the collaboration will eventually help the business to perform better. Some key touchpoints can be how the collaboration will help the other business boost its revenue or grow. Businesses are keen to know how they'll benefit from partnering with your business.

Give them a reason to do business with you

The best way to attract other businesses is to give them an incentive to work with you. The other businesses should find it valuable for them to associate with you. Thus, your posts and social media communications should focus on how other companies can benefit by joining your service. Your social marketing and sales strategy should aim to persuade other companies to partner with you; you should add some decent and genuine reasons, but it's important not to go overboard.

"Giving" is surely one of the main aspects of successful B2C marketing campaigns, but offering promotions and offers won't work as well in the B2B space. You'll have to come up with something more sustainable for the long term. It's important to focus on incentive plans that have more chances to catch the fancy of other businesses. You should use your CRM solution to follow up on campaigns.

Social selling is becoming more and more popular in the B2B space. There are many reasons that have led to the popularity of social selling, but one of the key factors is the ease of access to so many people. Digitalization and social selling techniques make it easy to collect and use data and insights as well. Therefore, it's a good idea to adopt one of the latest corporate solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, to manage sales, social media marketing and even customer relations.

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