Spread the Word: Solving Content Promotion Problems with Social Media

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

If you are having difficulty getting your brilliant content seen and shared, social media is here to help. Tips ahead!

If you are having difficulty creating content that is informative, entertaining, and engaging, there is no shortage of great advice. If you are looking for advice on how to get it in front of people's eyes, that is significantly less robust.

At this point, you've surely read a thousand times that you should share content on Facebook and tweet links to your content on Twitter, but that's hardly a content promotion strategy. What do you do when you've implemented the most common suggestions about promoting content using social media, but still aren't getting the results you hoped for?

The answer is that you may need to be a bit more strategic in your use of social media to promote your content. Check out a few of these next level tips on promoting content via social media.

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Promote on the Right Accounts

You may not be getting the best results from your content promotion efforts simply because you aren't promoting your content in all of the places that are appropriate for you. Conversely, you may be wasting content promotion efforts by promoting content on social media channels that simply aren't being used by your ideal customer persona.

social websites logos

Whether you are active on them or not, try exploring various social media pages to see whether or not they are appropriate for your content promotion efforts. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you research:

  • Is this a site that appeals to my target customer demographic?
  • Will my content stand out, or will it be buried due to saturation?
  • What content seems to be generating the most interaction? Does it make business sense to modify the content I am producing to match this?
  • Is it likely that my ideal customer will become active on this site in the near future?

Repurpose Content to Make It More Appropriate for Promoting on Various Sites

If you want your content promoted and shared on a variety of social media sites, you need to create content in forms that are most appealing to the people who participate on those sites. 

Don't panic—this doesn't mean that you need to completely reinvent the wheel each time you want to create engagement at a particular social media website. Instead, you can take content that you have created and then repurpose that content for other sites.

For example, the information you present in a blog can be condensed and used in a short video to be uploaded and promoted on Youtube or Vimeo. This infographic by Vertical Measures will help you to choose some options:

content repurposing infographics

You can take the same information to create an infographic to put on TumblrDo not forget that you can repurpose content others have posted using these methods, as long as you give proper credit, of course.

Build Relationships With Influencers and Then Get Their Input

Influencers are the people in your niche that have the followers you want to reach. Don't interpret this as meaning that they are your competition. In fact, the opposite is true. You want to develop relationships with these people on social media by following them, sharing their content, interacting with them by way of commenting on their posts, and then curating their content on our own pages. 

The purpose of this is to get the influencer to recognize who you are, and to see you as a valuable, if small, contributor to their own content efforts. Once the relationship has been established, you can step things up a bit. One option that works very well is to invite the influencer to write a guest blog or to offer to write a guest blog for them.

buzzstream influencers screen

Either way, the promotion that goes along with it is sure to drive traffic to your site. You can also quote or reference an influencer in your content and then use that in your promotions. This name dropping and linking is mutually beneficial. You add a certain amount of credibility to your posting, and you lead others to the influencer's content by providing links.

If you do quote an influencer, just be certain that the quote is accurate, that you source your quote, and that nothing has been taken out of context. Nothing will drive your audience away faster than an accusation that you made it appear as if somebody endorsed something when they did not do so.

Use Interactive Content to Increase Social Shares

Interactive content is content that requires the consumer's response. One example of this are the quizzes you take on Facebook. Polls and surveys are forms of interactive content, albeit simple ones. If you conduct live Q&A sessions or Twitter chats, these are also forms of interactive content.

When you promote interactive content on your social media sites, you will notice that content receives more shares and results in more engagement. If you are willing to tackle something a little more advanced, interactive infographics and white papers really generate engagement and social shares.

Use Syndication to Increase Your Audience

Once you have established a solid following of folks who are interested in consuming your content, it may be time to consider syndication. The earliest, most simple form of syndication you can engage in is to build relationships with other bloggers and then offer to write guest blogs for them.

Once these relationships have been established, and your content has been seen on multiple blogs, in addition to your own, it is time to up your syndication efforts. This entails contacting the owners of websites and blogs, and offering them the opportunity to republish some of your top performing blogs.

The benefit for you is that your content is viewed by a new audience, and you get a backlink. The owner of the blog wins because they get new content that has been proven to be attractive to readers.

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