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3 Unique Ways to Create Content Faster

Jared Atchison
Jared Atchison

Discover how to efficiently speed up your content marketing process.

Out of all the steps in a content marketing strategy, creating enough content in a timely manner is one of the most difficult parts. We live in a world where multiple distractions are normal, and it can be challenging to work efficiently when so many time-wasting apps and websites exist.

Luckily, there are ways around this. Here are three things you can do to balance your work schedule to create content faster.

1. Create a swipe file.

A swipe file is a collection of all the articles, blog posts, images, newsletters and other documents that you want to emulate. It's not there so you can copy from it; rather, you use it to gain inspiration when your brain just isn't functioning properly.

If you stumble across a blog post you think is really well written, save it to your swipe file. This can be something as simple as a folder on your desktop where all your favorite pieces are kept or saved to Google Drive.

The major advantage of a swipe file is that it's a bank of inspiration that'll help you create content faster. It helps you brainstorm ideas or take an ordinary idea and explore it from a different angle.

When you're feeling a slump in your content creation process and it's taking you ages to finish a task, a look through your swipe file will get your creative juices flowing and help you come up with ideas quicker. 

2. Outsource work.

No one likes to admit they don't have the time or resources to complete every single task in their content marketing strategy by themselves, but it's a very realistic situation many marketers face. Though many see their work as their baby, there's no shame in admitting you don't have the time to complete something before the deadline and reaching out for help.

Extra work on your shoulders means more stress and worse quality. You never want to sacrifice the quality of your content just because you personally can't handle it alone. This is where freelancers and contractors are like gold for your business. Sites like Upwork and LinkedIn ProFinder are great platforms for finding contacts who'd love to work with you and bring your ideas to life.

There are many benefits to outsourcing work:

  • Saving yourself time and money in the long run

  • Keeping content consistent

  • Maintaining quality

  • Increasing your ROI

  • Providing a job for someone else in your expertise area

Remember, it's about keeping the quality of your content sublime and reducing stress for faster results. So it's important to admit which areas you lack resources so that someone else can do it better and boost your ROI.

3. Go offline.

What are the main distractions when trying to get work done online? Basically everything on the internet.

It's natural that we get too easily distracted by social media and other sites that get our attention. One minute, you're opening up YouTube to watch a quick video and swearing you'll exit the second it's over. One hour later, you're asking yourself where the time has gone. What isn't practical is doing nothing to block them from use while working.

Try limiting your distractions by installing a distraction blocker on your computer. This will remind you when you're spending excess time on time-wasting sites. This helps make you more productive.

Moving forward

It may seem daunting to come up with quicker ways to create content. With all the technology we have today, it's difficult to avoid distractions at some point in the work day, but this is inevitable. What's important is to create strategies that block distractions but still work for you and keep your content full of quality. It takes a bit of playing around with, but there's a method that works for everybody. You just have to find what works best for you. 

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Jared Atchison
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