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Much like the sports teams it promotes, manages and operates, the sports industry itself requires a strong hunger for competition. ...

Much like the sports teams it promotes, manages and operates, the sports industry itself requires a strong hunger for competition. This business requires its players to possess a true edge to be successful. One of the easiest and most accessible ways to get that edge is by regularly reading sports industry publications. From sports journals to sports industry magazines, these periodicals are mandatory reading for the industry's elite.

You can use sports industry publications to find marketing tips, sports facility management guidelines and the latest sports news and information. When choosing which publications to add to your research arsenal, consider the following:

  1. Sports publications that offer great blanket industry information in a timely manner on a regular basis throughout the year.
  2. Sports magazines that focus on the task of running a sports program or arena can help you more efficiently run your business.
  3. Regularly updated sports journals that specialize in helping you with marketing your sports business are invaluable to your operation.

Find sports publications that will provide an all-in-one industry resource

Sports business publications provide timely and valuable information for sports industry professionals running sports operations behind the scenes, no matter your experience level in the industry.

Focus in on sports publications that help your run your sports facility more efficiently

A number of sports journals discuss the day-to-day issues that can come up when managing a stadium or arena. This type of sports news benefits not only those who directly manage a stadium or other sports venue, but also executives and other sports professionals looking to get a more well-rounded view of their industry.

Look to sports magazines that will help you market your team or recreation facility more effectively

Marketing is one of the most powerful and important aspects of the sports industry. The right marketing strategy can bring your sports franchise, service or venue to the forefront. Now you know why athletes routinely stump for products and causes; it's not just for those sweet endorsement deals!
  • Sports publications aren't just a source of industry information--they can be a source of new business. Peruse the publications above for advertising opportunities to help bring new attention to your operation.

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