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Starting a consulting business can be a very exciting endeavor, but one that requires all your professional expertise, and your careful ...

Starting a consulting business can be a very exciting endeavor, but one that requires all your professional expertise, and your careful commitment to the success of your clients. Many people consider the entrepreneurial route, but it is a risky road to take, especially if you don't set yourself up for success. You don't have to offer a unique product, but you should offer a one-of-a-kind service.

Anyone can open a consultant business with the right attitude and financial backing. Competition will be fierce. You can't expect to put your feet up because it's your own business. On the contrary, you should expect to work very hard in the beginning. Before quitting your full time job to set up consulting company services, ask yourself the following:

1. Are you committed? It takes more than just a good idea to launch a consulting small business. It takes time, money and hard work.

2. If applicable, do you have the right partners? Friends are not always good business partners. Vet potential collaborators as objectively as possible.

3. Have you done your research to make sure there's demand for your product or service? You may have a great idea, but how many others have the same idea?

Launch consultant small business with credibility and get licensed

Businesses are legally required to obtain certain government licenses. Your state may regulate consulting businesses via zoning and land use permits, federal and state employer tax ID numbers, and a business name certificate. Regulations vary from state to state, as do state agencies that do the regulating. There are online resources that can help you file these documents. can help you obtain the necessary federal, state and local permits, licenses, and registrations for starting your business successfully. Use its “Permit Me” tool for efficiency.

Join an association and build industry credibility when you create consulting business

When you open a consulting service, you don't have to go it completely alone. Consider joining an industry association for support. Organizations bring together professionals with the same goals and challenges. As a member, you'll have access to educational opportunities, in addition to networking events, so you can meet industry peers, vendors and suppliers.

Market your services when you open consultant small business services

Starting a new business is a challenge, but marketing that business is a necessary effort. There are many avenues in which a business can market itself. Just remember that your marketing efforts should reflect the size of your business and budget.
  • When you first open consulting business services, you may decide to balance your own finances. But as your business grows, consider partnering with an accountant who can help you with tax issues, and help you build a financially sound company.

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