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Why Starting an Online Business Changed My Life

Anthony Delgado
Anthony Delgado

I share the hardships I faced in the beginning stages of my business and how I overcame them.

My journey wasn't easy. I started as a teenage boy selling mix-tapes on Amazon and eBay. It was an early and difficult start. I realized one thing. If I don't start my own business, I will forever stay just an average guy trying to make some extra cash. The point is that giving yourself completely to some idea, and making it possible, is what makes your life meaningful. That's how I founded Disrupt.

You are what you believe

I am a living example of how one ordinary guy can make an extraordinary success story. Trying to tell my story is always complicated because I don't like talking about myself. However, I realized that if you don't promote your success, other people won't have the inspiration to make the same steps and change their lives. That is why I dedicated myself to sharing my story so that you can find something powerful you can apply in your everyday life.

Some say that you are what you believe. It was the truth and I learned the hard way. Members of my family struggled to find some extra ways to earn money and the only options were based on working for somebody else and making them rich. The leftovers were reserved for hard-working people. I was watching people who spent all their lives making someone else rich, without even realizing they are wasting their precious time.

I wanted a different life. My journey started on Amazon and eBay. I was selling and burning mix-tapes while making some really good money. In the beginning, it wasn't huge, only $50 a week, but later on, my daily earnings hit more than $3,000. I knew that my future lies in some kind of internet business. I was searching for ways to start my own business so I can get the rewards I was always dreaming about. Financial freedom was my ultimate goal, and I knew I had to make something extraordinary to change my reality and start earning some real money.

Disrupt was an outcome of some great connections that I had been making my whole life. I am always happy to meet inspiring people who like to share their success stories. In today's age where you can find practically everything about anyone online, there's no room for hiding. We are all here to present ourselves in a manner that leaves a real impression of our work and our beliefs.

We are now, more than any time before, responsible for how we act online and offline, which is why we make certain decisions. We can decide to be average and non-motivated. Or we can pursue our dreams and invite people to join our vehicle of success. That is why I wanted to create a brand that perfectly describes the brave and victorious people who have to say something important. Disrupt is a product of my vision and my beliefs that speak about persistence, dedication, and the ultimate empowering of other people.

We all can be successful

How many stories do you know about people who were broke and miserable at the early stage of their careers? Later on, many of them made their way to success, and today, they are real presenters of the powerful human potential. We are all born with unique powers, and we must explore them. Some of us are born leaders, others are good at some art, or music, or accounting, or any other profession that is important today. Why not bring all the potential to the table? We can be astonished by how good we are at some things we've never tried before. It is our unique nature that makes us different from others, and we must reveal what the real thing is that we are born for.

Searching for your strengths will always lead to some success. Do you know how to make great music? Or you are superb when it comes to cooking? Why not start a business around your talents? Or why not mentor other people in the areas you are good at? Great entrepreneurs weren't perfect. They were only dedicated. The world's top Transformational Coach, Mentor, and Speaker Jacob Galea says that "Mentoring changed my life, it opened up a whole new arena to human potential and inner power to birth a super version of me."

To reach some sort of success, you must believe that the gifts you have (and we all have them) is a unique tool for making money. We could be extremely good at something, but not highly motivated to achieve success in that area of life. It is a huge waste of talent and resources that would eventually bring huge rewards.

For all these reasons, we need to be aware of what we can achieve, and then, we should strongly commit to our goals. Going step by step is a crucial way to make constant progress and learn along the way. Many successful people today are great believers in human potential. That is why they make a difference in the workplace, family life and all other areas of life. They believe that each person is born with some talent, and it is their right and obligation to make the most out of their talent.

In times when you see those successful people, you will probably see them when they are rich and happy with their lives. But what lies beneath is a huge energy that is constantly running while they make things different and better. This is the drive that separates average achievers from over-the-top achievers. You must completely believe in your voice and your message. In the end, those who believed the most will be the ones who will be heard the most. That is why people who change our reality always search for ways to improve their presence and spread their impact on the world.

How starting a business changed my life

Disrupt is the place that celebrates people's success stories. I've always wanted to find a way to spread the message about powerful people. Many of them have very similar messages, especially when it comes to success. What you need to do to be good at your business is what most people are not willing to do. I learned from the best and found out that these things are the precondition for real success in life:

  • Be Unique. Being unique on the market is crucial to make people notice you. If you have an idea of doing the same thing differently or delivering a new service or product to people, go after your idea and implement it in business.
  • Stay Dedicated. A great idea is nothing without persistence. If you don't make a daily, monthly, and yearly execution plan as part of your business plan, you won't be able to implement your idea. That is why staying dedicated each day will change the way you see your business perspective.
  • Be Aware of Change. Each business environment changes day by day. You must be able to follow the trends and navigate your business in the right direction. To always stay ahead of time, you must listen to your audience and change your approach in business and life.
  • Over Deliver On Value. Do not do "just enough". Make the extra mile, do an extra effort, give extra service, or simply put some more hard work to satisfy your clients and people who are part of your business. With this attitude, you will separate yourself from the competitors, and people will turn more to your business than they turn to other businesses on the market.
  • Network Is Your Net Worth. How many people do you know who can change your business for better? Only a few of them? Make the list longer and see how your business grows when you start to connect with more people. Connections are crucial in networking and if you want your ideas to be heard, you must tell them to the right people. They will be able to give you great advice or simply introduce you to someone who can make your ideas possible. Knowing people is profiting, and the best entrepreneurs connect on a daily level to unite forces and make massive business successes. 

All these lessons I learned from successful people changed the way I see my life and my business. Today, I have collaborations with some of the most influential people in the world, including Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, Gerard Adams, Sam Bahkar, Ralph Dibugnara and many others. They all stand united to create a world that is constantly changing. My Disrupt brand speaks about all these people in numerous podcasts and media publications.

One message is simple. If you want to change your financial life, go create a business that will affect people on a deeper level. Deliver the value that goes straight from your heart and your devotion. Be persistent and strong enough to make your dreams possible. My life has changed for the better when I realized how powerful my vision was. I want to help people realize their dreams are possible too. That is why I'm living my dreams right now.

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Anthony Delgado
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Anthony Delgado is an American software developer and internet entrepreneur widely known as a professional hacker in the developer community.