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5 Ways to Make Your Startup Eco-Friendly

Vector Moranov
Vector Moranov

Green companies can practice their business and achieve their goals, without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own needs.

Many companies tend to implement environment-friendly strategies because they save a lot of expenses and money for the company itself, so there are five steps you can follow to reduce carbon emissions:

  • Use solar power

  • Use a green web hosting

  • Recycle your electronic waste

  • ِReduce paper use

  • Use AI to combat air pollution

The consequences of a lack of attention to the environment have not been visible for several decades, but nowadays, the response has begun to come to us, but with vigor. We all witnessed the massive fires in the Amazon and Australian forests, which poses a risk to human life, so it is necessary to take a step forward and start environmentally friendly companies.

There are several benefits of green business, saving in the company's necessary operating costs and giving your company a priority in addressing the environmental problems, during the start of applying the laws for preserving the environment widely. Going green also attracts your company to employees at a high level of experience and training. Green companies can practice their business and achieve their goals, without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own needs.

Use solar power

Solar is the most prominent sources of renewable energy, and one of the most important alternatives to fossil fuels, which is expected to run out within a few decades. Generating electricity from the sun in new companies has become much more comfortable than in the past, and it's environment-friendly because it reduces the pollution on the planet.

Solar energy conversion is used in many countries because it's a renewable energy source and has even become a major source of country income for some countries in Europe, such as Germany, which saved a lot of expenses in addition to maintaining the environment.

The solar energy doesn't produce any smoke from the exhausts that pollute the environment, as solar energy has become a strategic choice that all countries of the world seek to achieve diversification in the sources of their power, due to the advantages it offers, whether material or environmental.

Although there are some challenges associated with installing solar panels in your company as the high costs associated with the equipment, require a lot of space exposed to the sunlight to lay the boards and also maintenance costs. The proper operation of these panels impedes many other factors such as environmental pollutants and cloudy and rainy days that block the sunlight, which makes it necessary to use batteries to store the energy in emergencies and other occasions. However, these challenges are negligible for the enormous advantages of using solar energy and go green in business buildings.

Solar energy is sustainable, not exhausted, renewed daily, since the formation of our world and the sun shining every day, and it is a natural energy source. Solar cells used to generate many types of energy.

It also has the possibility of generating electricity with ease, which allows you to abandon public electricity networks, meaning that you will not need electricity companies, and you will not have to pay electricity bills anymore. Besides being environment-friendly, solar panels do not make any noise when converting sunlight into electrical energy, so the result is an electric current without any noise pollution like power plants. 

The production of electrical energy in any weather, which makes it sustainable, and we are entitled to use it at any time, keep in mind that solar power plants and solar panels do not produce any emissions, and don't harm the environment.

Use a green web hosting solution

The servers of the web hosting service providers consume a lot of energy annually so that they can provide their services 24/7, and due to the expansion of the Internet and the necessity of storing a tremendous amount of information in these servers. The amount of electrical energy used increases day by day. This energy used in cooling systems and security setup facilities, Such an enormous amount of energy use has a negative impact on the environment because most of these servers rely on local energy networks, which in turn rely on fossil fuels.

So, from this dark fact news was born, it's called green web hosting servers. They went to the concept of environmentally friendly servers, which are the ones that rely entirely on renewable energy such as wind, solar power, or hydroelectricity (water flow electricity).

The fact that your company takes this inexpensive initiative and using these servers makes it one of the leaders in protecting the environment, knowing that the major companies do not rely on environmentally friendly servers and do not pay attention to the importance of this move. 

Also part of green hosting it green cloud storage, instead of using regular cloud storage for backup your company data you can go to environment-friendly choice by using Green cloud storage.

But you should take care of your choices in both conditions and make sure that the green company you choose has a Renewable energy certificate (REC) and also known for green tags.

Recycle electronic waste

The United States alone produces more than two million tons annually of e-waste, and only 27% of it is recycled. E-waste usually ends up in landfills, incinerated, or illegally exported to developing countries. When it's time to replace electronics in your workplace like computers, monitors, tablets, smartphones, etc., You can donate them instead of getting rid of them to use by schools or charities in your area. 

Computer manufacturers such as Dell and HP provide programs to sell, recycle, or donate used products. eBay also allows you to give the used electronics to non-profit organizations. Electronics dealers like BestBuy and Staples also have programs that will enable you to trade or sell your used electronics. Caring for a way to get rid of your old electronic equipment is a great way to help the environment.

Reducing paper use

The paper industry has faced environmental pressure on multiple dimensions, especially in light of global concerns about climate change. Paper production requires a large amount of energy, while paper ranks fifth among industries in terms of energy consumption.

This process produces massive amounts of carbon dioxide, as paper contributes 9% of the total carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing, and 27% of solid waste consists of paper waste. It can lead to pollution of water sources, filling of landfills, and deforestation.

Reducing paper use is an effective environmental protection solution, here are some ways you can use to achieve that in your organization: 

  • Use two-sided paper to copy and print documents.

  • Do not dispose of the paper. Recycle it after using both sides.

  • Use a projector in your meetings.

  • Place baskets in your office to encourage recycling.

  • Use cloth bags instead of paper bags.

  • Use green lines that contain less ink.

Use AI to combat air pollution

The idea started in 2015 when Breeze Technologies established in Hamburg. This company is aiming to use artificial intelligence to measure the level of toxic gas emissions such as nitrogen oxide, ammonia, ozone, and many other pollutants, this possible by placing sensors in places where these gas emissions are increasing. 

Artificial intelligence will help to accurately predict the future of air quality in a specific region, such as linking weather data to information from the company's measurement stations. By doing this, people who are particularly sick or sensitive, such as asthma sufferers, can prepare for more severe conditions in advance.

 Entrepreneurs can use the Breeze model to measure the level of gas emissions. If you own a factory, you will need these sensors that able to measure the level of pollutants released from the manufacturer of your products and through which you can transparently know the emissions levels to ensure that the air stays at a healthy level.

Also, In 2019, Julian Jewel created an AI bot called JJAIBOT.  The idea is to use smart AI machines to find out current pollution levels and forecast pollution levels in the near future to warn people about potential environmental hazards. 

This bot can be used by startups and factories to measure their carbon emissions in order to detect the pollution levels. Indeed, project workers conducted a case study of the city of Delhi, in which pollution causes chronic diseases to more than two million children. The role of artificial intelligence lies in addressing environmental pollution data to create a model that assesses pollution risks soon.

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