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With all the competition online these days, it can be hard for your blog to gain traction, even if your niche is highly targeted.

With all the competition online these days, it can be hard to gain traction, even if your niche is highly targeted.

But with the right growth hacking tools at your disposal, momentum can be yours as you start building awareness, gaining a loyal audience and converting customers.

Every situation is different, of course, and the competition will vary depending on what niche you’re in. But when it comes to building an audience for your new blog, the same principles apply regardless of the specifics at play.

The six solutions listed below can provide killer value to you and your business no matter what your story is.

1. Add a Branded Badge to Any Web Page With Start a Fire

Start a Fire is a killer tool for marketers because it allows you to add a “badge” with recommended (and related) content to any URL you share for curated third-party content.

It works by superimposing a floating box on top of any publication’s content, making conversion attribution easier in the age of apps and “dark social.” What’s more, Start a Fire fully integrates with Buffer, HubSpot, and Oktopost, so if you’re using one of these platforms as your social media scheduling dashboard, you can automate the badge additions.

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screenshot of Harvard Business Review article from Start a Fire.
Start A Fire Screenshot

Plus, with a number of browser extensions available, you can add badges to any URL on the fly. You can even integrate Start a Fire with a number of content management and email marketing platforms so that all of the links that you share will automatically have your custom badge on them.

2. Reveal Actionable Keyword Insights With Serpstat

Serpstat is a tool that allows you to turn data from search engines into actionable insights that you can use to grow your blog audience or any online business. You’ll learn the search terms your prospects are using to find you, and you’ll be able to compare your performance in Google side-by-side with your competition. And, because you’re obviously busy grinding it out 16+ hours a day, you can automate competitor reports to save time.

Serpstat screenshot of search term "apple pie"
Serpstat Screenshot

Beyond SEO, Serpstat also offers information on PPC that will help you see the paid keywords that convert well for your competition. Borrow them. Then, you can find unique keywords your competitors are using by comparing domains and use Serpstat to find related keywords.

You can also use it to identify topics to create content that drives traffic. Find your competitors’ best traffic-driving content, so you can create something even better yourself. Plus, you’ll see the viral performance of your competition’s pages, so you know what to do and not to do with your own page.

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3. Automated Outreach With is a suite of content marketing tools that help automate your content marketing outreach efforts. Automation is a growth hacker’s best friend, because it allows for more or less infinite scalability, takes human error out of the equation and saves you a lot of time, which you can invest in other areas of your business, like closing deals.

screen shot of ContentMarketer results "love your energy"
ContentMarketer Screenshot

With Sujan Patel’s ContentMarketer you have three key tools to choose from. You can choose one, two or all three, depending on your needs.

  • Connector: Schedule personalized emails to influencer or publication outreach targets with your Google account. If you’re not a stellar copywriter or don’t have the funds to hire a copywriter of your own, there are even proven effective templates to assist you. Once the sequences are in place, they are fully automated for future leads. If you want just this tool, it’s $9/month.
  • Notifier: If you’re mentioning others in your blog posts on a regular basis, this tool is a definite game changer. It will scan all of your posts to find mentions, and then it lets the people you’ve mentioned know, so they can link to and share your content. this “ego baiting” tactic can increase your social media footprint and backlink profile dramatically, also for $9/month.
  • Marketer: This is a powerful influencer finder tool. Available for $49/month, it helps you find active influencers in your niche to promote your content. With the right thought leadership powerhouses promoting your content for you, your new blog’s engagement will go through the roof.

4. Incentivize Shares With Pay With a Tweet

What’s the best way to get your new blog’s visitors to refer more traffic your way? Use Pay with a Tweet as part of your referral marketing campaigns.

Pay with a Tween screen shot
Pay with A Tweet Screenshot

You can use Pay with a Tweet to allow blog visitors to unlock content upgrades, gated content or products. Instead of asking people to pay you money to access these assets, this tool incentivizes people to post about your business on social media, which can help you tap into organic lookalike audiences in the early stages of a product launch. You can even customize it to match your branding, and the platform can measure traffic, geographic data and conversions. There’s a free basic plan, with paid plays starting at $19.99/month.

5. Identify Backlink and Engagement Opportunities With

Colibri lets you see where your ideal audience is engaging online, so you can be sure to have an organic presence there. This makes it easier to start conversations, but it also diversifies your traffic and improves your SEO. In addition, Colibri features modules for social listening, guest blogging opportunity identification and finding recent publications to comment on.

Colibri Screen shot
Colibri Screenshot

The tool integrates with Google Analytics, so you can correlate activity with traffic patterns. You’ll pay $95/month after a 14-day free trial.

6. Publish an Onsite Sticky Note With Hello Bar

Hello Bar is a simple tool makes it easy to place a call-to-action (CTA) button across the top of your website in a small horizontal bar. You can choose to use the CTA to collect emails, drive traffic to your social media channels, or to promote a specific page of your site.

Hello Bar homepage screen shot
HelloBar Screenshot

You can track the number of clicks on each Hello Bar, customize it to match the appearance of your website and specify which pages on your site should display the bar all for free.

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Jump Starting Your Blog

If you just launched your publication recently, make use of these tools. You won’t be sorry. If you’re further along in the process but have yet to see that killer growth you’re looking for, use these tools. You may be surprised at just how quickly your growth takes off.

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