Stop the LinkedIn Madness: Succeed Where 995,000 Have Failed / Social Media / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Here's how to become one of the top five percent to see massive influence and get clients from their publishing efforts on LinkedIn.

Ancient Greek historian, Herodotus once said, "The most hateful misfortune is for a wise man to have no influence." Yet so many people I see on LinkedIn suffer this hateful misfortune.

They invest time and dollars creating expert showcase content, but they don’t have a proven process to get their useful message in front of their premium prospects.

LinkedIn created a huge opportunity when it opened up its publishing platform to all members. It also created a huge challenge.

According to LinkedIn, 4.6 billion pieces of content are produced daily on the web (not just inside LinkedIn). More than 1,000,000 members have published but more than 995,000 of them aren’t gaining from the platform.

Each piece of content you create costs you time and money. It’s nice to get the practice and further clarity on your branding and message. But most professionals and business owners I speak with want to get clients and increased influence from their investment.

I use LinkedIn almost daily and have checked more than 1,000 articles now. Only about five percent of those articles get more than 500 readers. Worse, most of the 95 percent of articles get less than 50 readers.

But the research data shows it’s important to reach this higher income business growth-minded executive and LinkedIn member in such a way that they see you as the leader.

A 2013 survey of LinkedIn users showed 61.8 percent rated LinkedIn as extremely important or very important when it comes to growing their networks, developing businesses, or finding employment [source: Judy Robinett’s book How to Be a Power Connector]. LinkedIn members in the U.S. have an average household income of $83,000 per year and twice the purchasing power of the average U.S. consumer, which is higher than other social platforms.

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My fundamental goal of this article is to give you a three-part framework to rise out of this 95 percent who get no or minimal results and instead help you get profits from your LinkedIn efforts.

My aim is even higher to help elevate you into the top five percent who see the massive influence and get clients from their publishing efforts on LinkedIn.

1. Intentional Strategy Before You Pay a Writer (Or Write It Yourself)

Start with the mindset of a promoter and advertiser who attracts their premium clients. The best advertisers execute the ratio 1:5. This means they invest $1 getting content created for every $5 they invest promoting the content continuously.

You must stay top-of-mind with your prospects. When they’re ready to buy, you and your business are who they think of. It’s a shortcut so unless you screw it up royally, they’re unlikely to spend valuable time researching all your competitors.

We’ve developed a proprietary process to reach 5,000 readers or more on our articles and our clients’ articles. LinkedIn publishing is effective to elevate what you publish over the 995,000 others competing against you for attention when you use a proven process.

Action item: Adopt this mindset. Set a budget. Create useful content your premium prospects can use right away. Then promote it with five times the investment it cost you to create it. Or, if you’d like more certainty with your promotion dollars to reach your premium prospects, message me.

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2. Use the Social Proof Shortcut

Imagine, you see two videos on LinkedIn or Facebook and you’ve decided you only have time to watch one. They both cover the same topic and roughly the same watch time. Do you watch the one with 5,000 views or the one with less than 50 views?

Whether it’s something we like to admit publicly, social proof is a huge time-saving shortcut. Many times it’s the priority factor that allows us to make decisions and exist in this overstimulated, attention-starved digital age. Without quick decisions, we never get anything done.

It’s a dirty truth. We’re influenced by others more than we'd like to admit. Instead of fighting this fact, tilt it in your favor.

Action item: Start recruiting a “promotion partner collective.” Think of five to 10 people who know you and also use LinkedIn regularly. Email, text or call them to show and tell them what you’re looking to do. Ask if they’d like to be a part of it to give your message the initial engagement boost it needs. You’ll do the same for what they publish.

3. Continuous Promotion

Gaining plus captivating somebody’s attention is perhaps the greatest problem any business or brand faces today and going forward. You’re investing precious capital and time to create fascinating and compelling content to attract your premium prospects.

To do this you have to bring it to their attention multiple times over the course of the next 12 to 18 months.

Action item: Use a combination of your ad budget plus a communication campaign strategy to remind your premium prospects about these useful articles. Having this continuous promotion strategy before you create any piece of content will give it a much higher probability of making your desired contribution to your bottom line, premium clients and higher profits.

If you approach it like the 95 percent of people with no plan after publishing, you’ll get results similar to theirs, wasting time and money. 

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You get out of life and business what you put into it. LinkedIn follows this golden rule. The savviest of members who follow a proven process reap a windfall of new premium clients and higher profits.

Those who don’t, look in the mirror in the morning after hitting their snooze button three times with a frustrated look on their face and ask themselves, “I’m putting in all this effort and have deep subject matter expertise. Why am I not profiting from my LinkedIn efforts?”

Right now, have you decided to be in the frustrated group or the profitable, fulfilled group?

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