[Shareaholic Study] Google+ and LinkedIn Rank High in Engagement

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Google+ and LinkedIn ranked the highest in user engagement, behind YouTube. Here are 6 ways to optimize both platforms for your small...

Social media is a must in today's marketing world, and using Google+ and LinkedIn together is a big step towards success. It's not only recommended- it's required.

Why? The answer is simple: Google+ and LinkedIn are among the highest ranked social media websites, according to Shareaholic's most recent study. Their findings show that people spend more time on these sites compared to others and visitors look at multiple pages per visit to these sites. Both Google+ and LinkedIn also possess the lowest bounce rates (or frequency of a visitor to navigate away from the website just after viewing a single page)

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Why should Google+ and LinkedIn be used together?

An online study, conducted by Shareaholic, from September 2013 to February 2014 showed engagement on Google+ and LinkedIn to be ranked higher than Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon. They only ranked lower than the ever-popular YouTube.

This 6-month study showed the average visitor spends 188 seconds on Google+ and 133 on LinkedIn(Tweet This!). The average user also visits about 2.5 pages on the sites, making the bounce rate at only about 50% for both social media platforms.

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How Google+ and LinkedIn can be used together

Because Google+ and LinkedIn have the most engaged users, it's wise to begin building communities around your business. Here are some tips on how to integrate LinkedIn and Google+ in order to reach customers:

  1. Google+ Local is a powerful tool for targeting local customers because it combines customer reviews and local search into one platform. It is also a useful tool because it combines customer reviews and a local business search on one website. 20% of all Google searches have local intent and 40% of Google mobile searches have local intent (Tweet This!), so boosting your Google+ local will likely bring you business.
  2. Push to make your Google+ profile popular by posting pictures and specials often, replying to customers, and staying current. This will allow your business' page to show up on Google universal searches as well as local searches.
  3. Use LinkedIn to build brand awareness. Followers on LinkedIn boost credibility through referrals and recommendations. Keeping your LinkedIn active will help you retain existing customers, while attracting new ones.
  4. Engage customers with Google+ by taking advantage of Google+ Hangouts. It allows you and up to 9 other people to stream live video to customers. Stream interviews of customers for testimonials, educational seminars about your products or services, answer customer questions in a Q&A session, launch products live, or just keep people updated on company news.
  5. Utilize LinkedIn's group feature. Join groups relevant to your business to become known to prospective clients. Also, create your own group in order to engage directly with your customers.
  6. Use both LinkedIn and Google+ to link people to your company's website and vice versa. The Google+ badge, for example, allows you to link your Google+ page to your website as well as increase your Google+ audience. LinkedIn has a section specifically for a company's website URL.

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When using Google+ and LinkedIn together, it makes the perfect social media duo. Visit blog post about social media post-click engagement rankings for more information on this social media engagement study and to see precisely how each website ranked. Comment below about your success with LinkedIn, Google+, or share your thoughts on Shareaholic's study.

Author Bio: Kim Beasley is a Social Media Strategist who harnesses the power of Google+ Hangouts and Helpouts to coach entrepreneurs about social media. She has appeared on news outlets such as FOX, NBC, HuffPost Live, and many others. Kim has a weekly news segment which is a live newscast for KRNV using Google+ Hangouts on Air (HOA) with newscaster Melissa Carlson as host. Get the 12 Steps to Google+ Success to learn how to connect with your target customers using Google+.

Connect with Kim on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

(image via Shareaholic)

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