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If you've decided that your career is going to be managing one of the many supermarkets in the United States, then you'll need ...

If you've decided that your career is going to be managing one of the many supermarkets in the United States, then you'll need to prepare yourself for supermarkets management education and training. Whether you're going to manage a small "mom and pop" grocery store or one of the large grocery retailers, you'll advance in this field with the right educational background and training programs.

While a formal degree is not always a prerequisite, those with a bachelor's or master's degree in management or business administration may find it's easier to get into a manager's position. Attending a technical school or even starting off in a part-time position and working up to management is an option. Consider the following information on supermarkets education and training:

  1. Obtain a degree or certificate in food management, marketing or supermarkets management from a technical school.
  2. Pursue a degree in business administration to help start you off in a career in supermarkets management.
  3. Apply to as many grocery stores as possible and advance to management by getting into the store's management program.

Look to technical schools for a degree in supermarkets management

Perhaps the best way to get into supermarkets management is to study directly in that field, like food management or food marketing. Degrees or certificates in these areas from technical schools will provide the educational background essential to starting and succeeding in the supermarkets management field.

Earn a formal degree to jumpstart your career in supermarkets management

If you'd rather pursue a formal degree from an accredited college or university before getting into supermarkets management, then it would be best to do so in business administration. Businesses hiring for management positions, which would include a list of supermarkets, will likely consider candidates with at least a bachelor's in business administration over applicants with no such educational background.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill offers a bachelor's of science degree in business administration, which includes curriculum in management communications and operations management. Get a certificate in food industry management from Portland State University after enrolling in and completing a major in their School of Business Administration.

Get training from the bottom up at any grocery store or supermarket

Often, positions in management can be gained by simply working your way up the ladder. You can start by bagging or collecting grocery shopping carts, show initiative and gain acceptance into the store's management program. Most grocers offer management training programs for interested and qualified personnel.

  • Gain valuable education and training in management by working for other retailers if you cannot start in supermarkets.

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