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When purchasing supplies for restaurant table lines, it's important to consider the how you will maintain your restaurant table ...

When purchasing supplies for restaurant table lines, it's important to consider the how you will maintain your restaurant table linens. You can manage supplies for linens one of two ways: employ the services of a professional laundry service or purchase the laundry equipment and care for the linens in house. The size of your business and your allotted budget will greatly determine which route you will take.

Professional laundry services take care of the hassle of laundering restaurant linens. They pick up, wash, dry, press and deliver your linens on a schedule that you determine. When you have a small diner or café, you may choose to purchase the equipment to keep in the back of your restaurant and launder the linens yourself. As you determine which method will work best for your establishment, consider the following:

1. Locate a commercial laundry service for washing table linens.

2. Purchase an industrial washing machine and dryer to launder restaurant linens in house.

3. Use a good stain remover and detergent to keep restaurant linens stain free.

Employ the service of a commercial laundry company to launder restaurant linens

A laundry service is the most convenient and easy way to take care of dirty linens. The service will pick up and deliver your linens right at your back door. Laundry services can also take care of washing bar mops and the uniforms of restaurant employees.

Purchase a washer and dryer to launder your restaurant linen in house

A small restaurant may benefit from purchasing washing and drying equipment to launder restaurant tablecloths and restaurant napkins in house. Purchase a high-quality machine to keep your table linen looking fresh and clean.

Wash table linen with industrial strength detergent and stain remover

Cleaning a stubborn stain from a tablecloth will take a good quality stain remover and detergent. When laundering your own restaurant linens, it's important to use an industrial detergent that is powerful enough to clean the every day wear and tear out of your linens. Skimping by using a generic detergent may result in dull, stained linens.

  • If you choose to wash your table linens in house, add in the cost of electricity and the supplies you will need to determine the actual cost of maintaining your linens.

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