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From Click to Hire: Surefire Tricks to Finding a Job Online

ByAllan Smith, Last Modified
Apr 11, 2016
> Career

Students study hard to grab a dream job. A job that pays well and provides great job satisfaction is a kind of dream job for all.

Now with growing population and bad economic conditions, finding a suitable job has become a nightmare for many newbie job hunters. This is a time when having great grade is not enough and one need to act really smart to grab highest paying job offers.

But the good news is one can take the very first step by going online nowadays. What you need to know is the correct tricks to channel your job search in the right direction. Here are few tricks to search jobs online with an ultimate success.

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So stop biting your nails and read on to know these secrets to hunt jobs online:

Tricks to Use Online Job Portals

We all know that online job portals are dedicated place to find job online. So job seekers start uploading resumes and keep waiting to get response from employers. Now the question is; did they get expected response from this simple procedure? No, this entire process is not as simple as that. One can do this more methodically to get expected result:

  • Add targeted keywords in your resume to get more visibility.
  • Remember to prepare a dedicated cover letter with your resume to match your job search.
  • Do a little online research about all your preferred companies and try to assume their hiring trends. It will help you to do your primary homework.
  • Subscribe for new job postings from your desired employers, so that you do not miss any opportunity.
  • Keep updating your resume on a regular basis and include all recent professional or academic gains.
  • Do not apply for several roles in a single company. It will prove your lack of focus.
  • Do not use same cover letter or resume for all kinds of posts. Give some time and effort to develop different cover letter and resume for different niches to make it more relevant.

Utilize Company’s Dedicated Websites

According to online survey almost 22 percent of hires happen from a company’s dedicated website. Why not grab this opportunity to approach your favorite employers directly online.

Keep an eye on these official web sites and declared vacancies. If required, subscribe to their online job alerts with your email address. This way you can apply fast. Also study these official employer’s web sites to study the job culture, requirements, ethics, and goals of that company. It will help you to crack the interview in the next step.

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Explore Classified Ads:

You will get tons of job posting scattered on all classified ad posting web sites. If you check classified web sites like: Craigslist, Indeed, LinkUp, AdsWish, and many more to get few more job posts and hiring details. It is evident if you get to know about more job postings; you will be able to manage getting more job offers.

Many small and mid-sized companies keep posting in these classified sites. If you want to target those you must keep checking these sites on a regular basis.

Build Solid Networking

As we are talking about online job searching, we need to emphasize on building networking. Like all job seekers targeting internet for job hunting, all employers also like to go for an online research before hiring any candidate. According to 80 percent prospective employees bagged a job through great networking skills.

Try to find out employees of your preferred companies over the web. Follow them or make friends with them. Also add them in your professional social profiles like LinkedIn. Also offer your expert opinion over the web if they need any to get recognized.

Social Media Is the Strongest Weapon

Other than your professional profiles you must be very active on social media. Use your social media profiles to pocket job offers online. Join relevant group. Socialize with the employees of your preferred companies and keep yourself engaged in their social media updates. Comment on those posts and try to add some valuable information to help them know your credibility. Keep your social media profile clean and focused.

Update few posts related to some valuable information and updates related to your job niche. According to Mashable almost 90 percent employers scrutinize prospected employees social media profiles to make some decision. Now you cannot meet so many people personally which you can do online over social media.

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Before take all these steps try to develop a strong and positive online presence so that your employer easily can discover your charming personality if they Google your name. After that keep some time out every day to revert back email or messages you get. Also keep updating your resume and add new skills to it. Make it a habit and soon you will be start getting job offers.

Short list most preferred job offers and keep yourself ready to crack the interview.

Allan Smith
Allan Smith
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Allan is an experienced blogger and business strategist from 2009. He notes down his thoughts on a regular basis through his blog At its core, writing is a part of communication. Allan loves to communicate with people via his write ups. He shares his thoughts, advices, tips, and tricks related to finance, marketing, lifestyle, and on many other topics which are closely related to daily life. He believes blogging helps a person to think deeper, which is the reason he loves to write so much.
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