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Table Cloths Types and Styles

By Nikki Wheeler
Business.com / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Table cloths may seem to be a simple thing, but table cloths types and styles are numerous and each serve a specific purpose and ...

Table cloths may seem to be a simple thing, but table cloths types and styles are numerous and each serve a specific purpose and accomplish different things depending on their unique qualities. A birthday party or company picnic can provide colorful, clean tables covered with disposable vinyl table cloths. A diner or cafe might cover their tables with brightly printed table cloths, while a fine catering business might decorate tables with fine linen table cloths.

Explore all of the options for table covers before investing in any. When learning about all of the table cloths types and styles, keep the following in mind:

1. Many table cloths are purely functional and are used to protect a table surface.

2. Table cloths might be used for decorative purposes, covering a table only to add visual interest to an overall look.

3. Some table cloths might be simply used as a background for a table setting, event decoration or table top display.

Use plastic table cloths for casual events

Disposable plastic table cloths are utilitarian and very practical to use for the proper occasions. They are perfect for casual outdoor events like picnics and cookouts and occasions like children's birthday parties. Felt-backed vinyl table cloths are still cheap but have a heavier weight and can be used repeatedly.

Find unique table cloth designs to decorate with

Table cloths can be an important decorative element. Table cloth designs and styles are very carefully picked out during the decoration of a restaurant or cafe. Table covers also may be used to decorate a side table in an office or store.

Cover a table with fine table linens

There are many occasions that would require a formal setting with table cloths made from fine fabrics like lace or silk damask. Catering companies, party planners, restaurants and interior designers need a quality table covering to give an event a luxurious feel.

Get printed table linens for businesses

Table covering might be used for product displays, demonstrations and trade show exhibits. Business table cloths should be printed with a company logo if exhibiting a product or service, and made from nice fabric to represent the quality of the product or service.

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