Take Flight With Savings on Your Business Travel Costs

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As businesses grow, many expand to different regions, setting up offices in various cities. However, with expansion comes the...

As businesses grow, many expand to different regions, setting up offices in various cities.

However, with expansion comes the challenge of keeping the company connected and whole. Managers and other employees are sent to other areas, where they rack up costs along the way. As a result of hotels, car rentals, flights and other fees, constantly sending employees abroad can be a costly expense for any business.

According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the forecast for 2012 is that companies will spend close to $261 billion in travel expenses.

So, is your business part of that staggering number or are you planning on keeping your travel efforts closer to home?

Easy Tips to Reduce Travel Costs

As many business owners know, travel expenses can quickly add up, causing quite a burden for the company.

Luckily, there are several tips that can help businesses and employees reduce their costs and fit traveling within a reasonable budget.

Flight Tickets:Flights are often the major component of a business travel budget, costing over hundreds of dollars. However, there are a number of ways to reduce the costs of an expensive flight ticket. Generally, cheaper tickets are available well before the booking date; therefore, booking tickets well in advance can save a significant portion of money. Another way to save is to forego the first class ticket; instead, look for business class or even coach tickets.

Transportation: Once the employee arrives at their destination, it may be a common practice to book a taxi or another transportation service. However, as the meter keeps ticking, the costs go up and up. One popular alternative is to use public transportation, a viable option once the employee is in the city. By using buses and subways, individuals can quickly move about the city without racking up exorbitant costs. If a car rental is the only option, then the employee can opt to choose a gas-efficient, smaller car that will last longer on a tank of gas.

Hotels: There are a number of ways to save money once the individual arrives at their hotel. Choosing a hotel that offers a free breakfast can help reduce budget, as well as staying away from valet services. If the employee is staying a location for an extended period of time, a hotel room with a kitchen can also help save money. Another major cost comes with Internet: oftentimes, hotels will charge an exorbitant price for Wi-Fi connection. Avoid these costs by choosing a hotel with free Internet or heading to the nearest coffee shop.

Without careful planning, the costs of business travel can quickly rise and add up.

Avoid the headaches of budget planning by choosing alternatives to offset travel expenses.

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