Tech Toolkit for Startups / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

From intranets to document management systems and accounting tools, our free guide explains what technology you need to start your business.

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Whether you’re a one-man show intimidated by technology or a startup with a designated IT manager, every small business needs specific tools to remain scalable and relevant. There’s no escaping the digital revolution, so we’ve created a virtual toolbox full of tech goodies to keep you from falling behind.

Maybe you manage a small flower store, a family owned cafe, or a hand-shaped surfboard shop and you think certain technologies aren’t necessary in running your business. But with customers relying on technology for everything from communication to payment options, you better think again. Diving into technology when your passions lie elsewhere can be a daunting task, so we’ve created a Tech Toolkit for Startups to help you get started.

From websites and intranets, to document management systems and accounting tools, this downable box of tools will provide insight into the essentials you need to start or improve your IT department. Get the gadgets and gizmos you need today by downloading the free guide below.

Download the Whitepaper and Gain Insight On:

  • Which database tool is right for you
  • The relationship between BYOD and payment processing
  • What "Dropbox" means for your business
  • Available choices for accounting and invoicing systems
Download Whitepaper

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