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An efficient telephone system is a must for your business, which makes telephone networking services crucial. In fact, experts say your ...

An efficient telephone system is a must for your business, which makes telephone networking services crucial. In fact, experts say your system should be "transparent," always there and easy to use without thinking about it. Those are important attributes to keep in mind when considering business telephone networking. The more you and your staff knows about how the process works, recent innovations and other telephone networking basics, the better you can decide on the system and features you want.

Networking telephones links multiple callers to make communications efficient. By connecting the phones and using telephone switching systems, calls can be shared, transferred and managed in a number of other ways. Telephone network communications have changed significantly in recent years, especially with the advent of VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol allows the transmission of voice over existing data networks, often reducing costs. To learn more of the telephone networking basics, take the following steps:

1. Locate information about telephone networking solutions.

2. Find information about VoIP network communications.

3. Identify telephone networking companies.

Learn about business phone networking

Your business can find lots of information about business phone networking. Check online sources and/or contact phone company representatives to learn about networking for existing telephone systems as well as the latest telephone networking solutions.

Consider VoIP for your business telephone networking

Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a recent innovation with great promise. Your business dedicates one or more high-speed Internet connections to your telephone network to carry voice signals. With software your company can even use existing routers, PBX and the rest of your standard phone system. The advantage? VoIP can reduce your phone costs, especially for switches and infrastructure.

Compare telephone networking services

In the highly competitive market of business phone networking, offerings differ among telephone networking companies. Some provide complete packages that include hardware and software, while others specialize in one or the other. Some provide solutions that use your existing system; other solutions replace it or work around it. Gather information to decide what approach is best for your business.

  • There are dozens of business telephone networking features available today. Let the scope of your business determine what ones you buy or contract for. Small businesses usually don't need all the services used by mega-companies.

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