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The equipment for telephone networking is literally the backbone of a successful customer service-centered business. Whether your ...

The equipment for telephone networking is literally the backbone of a successful customer service-centered business. Whether your business is staffed with hundreds of agents or only 10 agents, the equipment used for telephone networking is what can make your company stand out as a big player.

The telephone networking equipment and supplies businesses you choose depends on technology. The telephone networking equipment must support many facets of a business, with feature like instantly routing important customers to the best agents and lowered hold times. The right telephone equipment will help your business improve customer service, perform more efficiently, reduce costs and allow for a better managed company. When choosing telephone equipment, you should:

1. Investigate the benefits of VoIP telephone networking equipment and supplies.

2. Find a telephone equipment system that includes automatic call distribution.

3. Incorporate telephone networking supplies with computer telephony integration.

4. Use telephone network devices that includes interactive voice response.

Consider making the switch to VoIP for your business telephone networking needs

VoIP, also known as voice over IP, is the latest in cutting edge technology for many call center businesses. In fact, VoIP has proven so cost effective that many call centers not only support VoIP, they require it.

Choose equipment for telephone networking that includes automatic call distribution

Automatic call distribution relies on caller ID to match a caller, using information collected in a customer database. Once the system locates a match, it routes the call according to what products the caller uses, the amount of money they spend on your products and any other information you may have collected. You can even program the equipment to route customers to particular agents when they call.

Choose telephone networking supplies that include computer telephony integration

Computer telephony integration works seamlessly with your computer networking system. When a call comes in, an agent's computer screen shows a pop-up message, complete with detailed customer information. The system then stores that valuable information in a customer database, saving you valuable time and money.

Choose telephone supplies that also have interactive voice response

Interactive voice response allows customers who call into your business to vocally make requests for information, like account balances, and to immediately reach the right department instead of pushing multiple buttons on their phone to get the information they need.
  • Choose telephone supplies that allow you to customize features so you have more flexibility in how you use them for your business.

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