Television Cameras and Camera Accessories Pricing and Costs

By Thomas Langford, writer
Dec 07, 2011
Image Credit: Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

Figure out how much to budget for television camera equipment

If your business needs television cameras and camera accessories, then you are probably wondering how much money you will need to set aside. TV camera equipment is a major purchase, and when you buy television cameras, you can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars per unit. However, you can cut some of your costs by reducing the number of advanced features.

Before finding television cameras and camera accessories pricing and costs, you will need to figure out exactly what you want to purchase. Do you want to:

1. Order a high-quality professional TV camera for use in the field?

2. Find studio TV cameras for sale?

3. Add accessories for television cameras, such as filters, tapes and gels?

Find prices for a new television video camera for field use

Prices for new commercial-grade television video cameras vary widely, depending on the picture quality and camera features. You can get a decent field camera that records to a video tape and has minimal features for around $5,000. However, if you want a camera that shoots well in low light, has a top-of-the-line lens, shoots in high definition and uses the latest technology to record to a computer disc, then you will pay between $30,000 and $50,000.

Estimate the cost of a television camera for studio use

A television camera for studio use can cost dramatically less than a camera that is used out in the field. A studio camera does not need to be able to withstand the elements like a field camera. Additionally, a studio camera does not have record ability in the camera. For these reasons, you can get a single, good studio camera for roughly $5,000 to $10,000. Studio camera packages, with multiple cameras, can cost between $20,000 and $35,000.

Price out television camera accessories

When budgeting for a TV camera, don't forget to set aside money for television camera accessories. If you have a state-of-the-art digital camera, then you may need a P2 memory card on which to record. That can cost around $1,500. For older models that use video tape, you can pay $15 to $40 for one video tape. Filters can cost $10 to $200. Gels can cost $20 to $50.
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