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How to Get Started with Text Message Marketing

Jared Atchison
Jared Atchison

Text message marketing can be a valuable tool for your business

We all know email marketing has taken businesses to new heights, but there are other forms of marketing that allow you to directly reach your audience. Text message marketing, though still growing, is quickly turning into a profitable way of engaging with customers and moving them further down the sales funnel.

Text message marketing is when a business uses texts to reach out to their target market to reach their goals, such as improving lead generation and increasing sales. Research by eMarketer shows that 48 percent of consumers prefer receiving communication from brands via text message over other mediums like email or app notifications. Not only is text message marketing a valuable means of getting in touch with your target audience, but it's also how they want to be contacted and engaged with. 

If you are new to it, it can be difficult to navigate text message marketing. Here are three tips to help you get started.

Build brand credibility

It's hard enough convincing people to hand over their email addresses when you want them to sign up as a subscriber, but persuading them to give you their phone number is even more difficult. Text is infinitely more personal and intimate than email, so if your audience doesn't trust your brand or feels iffy, it'll be difficult to collect phone numbers.

Boost your brand credibility by implementing social proof marketing into your conversion strategy. Social proof is anything you put on your website from other people that endorses your products and services. When customers see that other people love a brand and what it offers, they're more likely to check them out and make a purchase.

Social proof includes client testimonials, customer reviews, celebrity or influencer endorsements and business credentials. You can display any of these elements on your website to show newcomers that others love your brand and its products.


Offer a valuable incentive

Your audience needs to know that if they sign up to receive text messages from your business, they'll be worth their time and give them an enticing offer they can't resist. Imagine getting SMS texts that are generic and don’t offer value or insight to the recipient. This is an easy way for people to opt out of your text campaign and lose out on conversions.

Always make sure that when you send out a text, there's an incentive for your audience to get excited and engage with your brand. It helps your audience interact with your brand if you create content that's available only to mobile subscribers. Perhaps you offer them a discount code exclusive to SMS subscribers or share information about a promotion that they get to know about first. Making them feel special for signing up for your text campaign will ensure they stay on that list and continue to love the content you send to their phones. [Interested in text message marketing at your business? Check out our reviews and best picks.]

Use best practices

Have you ever opted in to receive text messages from a brand only to have them contact you way too frequently or at odd hours in the day? Unfortunately, scenarios like this happen all too often and can make or break the relationship your subscribers have with you. It's extremely important to stay within appropriate boundaries and not to annoy or frustrate subscribers by doing the wrong things.

It's a good customer service practice to respect your audience and not text them too frequently. Reaching out with valuable information a few times a month is enough to give them what they need, stay relevant to their interests, and make them remember your brand.

You definitely don’t want to text every other day or too frequently, otherwise you risk users opting out of your text services. Respect that these are people with their own lives going on who don’t need you texting them more than their loved ones.

The effort that goes into building your mobile subscriber list is completely worth it for the benefits it will bring to your business. It's hard to collect information from visitors on your website, but if you strategize how to keep them happy, your list will continue to grow, which in turn will help build your brand.

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Jared Atchison
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