That Moment When: The All-Too-Common Work Happenings And Our Reactions / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Daily annoyances in the cube farm, as shown by the most relevant GIFs we could find. Enjoy!

Ah, the office: The confined space where you and your fellow colleagues devote 40+ hours each week.

It’s a place that fosters common experiences that are relatable around the world.

Some are positive experiences, others are stress-inducing, but many are funny as hell.

To lighten your mood during this work week, take a look at the all-too common workplace happenings below. And go ahead, have a laugh or two.

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When Your Cubicle Mate Is Typing Way Too Loud

Seriously, though, calm down. Your incessant key pounding is making us crazy. 

When You the See the Rainbow Spinning Wheel of Death

Computer issues can take your day from awesome to "nope" in one instant thanks to this little horrible circle of dread. 

When a Meeting Starts Creeping Into Lunch Hour

But really, who schedules a meeting that close to lunch anyways? The only acceptable option is to provide food, amirite?

When You Walk Into an Interview Like a Boss

Kardashian meme

Hours of prep, outfit on point AND questions for all your interviewers: check, check and CHECK. #likeaboss

When You’re Forced to Listen to the Complaints of a Difficult Customer

DEEP BREATHS AND EYE ROLLS. It's all you can really do to keep your cool. 

When a Sick Coworker Hands You a File

Why are you here?! Really though—that's what sick days are for. Please go home, we beg of you.

When You’re an Engineer and the Marketing Team Asks for Something That Is Technically Very Complicated to Create


"Just a snippet of code," they said. It should be easy, they said. 

When the Coffee Is Out in the Break Room and You’re Too Lazy to Make Another Batch



Whatever, it's not like they'll know it was you.

When Your Boss Calls You Into His Office and Asks You to Stay Late

If you know FRIENDS, you know how true this image is. 

When You Remember You Have a Tasty Snack in the Fridge

TREAT YOSELF! It's the little things, after all. 

 When the Power Goes Out and You’re “Forced to Go Home Early”

Ohhhhhhh jeez, what a bummer! K BYE!

When a Colleague Throws You Under the Bus in Front of Your Boss

So much for having each other's backs, guy. Thanks a lot. 

When You’re Trying to Look Busy as HR Walks By

Much busy! Very important! Emails wow! Such spreadsheets!

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When You’re Emailed an Invitation for a Three-Hour Long Company-Wide Meeting

Honestly, who plans a THREE HOUR LONG MEETING? 

When You’re in Accounting and It’s the End of the Month

No one talk to me. Don't even look at me. As far as you're concerned, I don't exist.

When You Accidentally Hit “Reply All”

So the next question is, do you reply all again and apologize? Ugh.

When Friday Afternoon Rolls Around


When You Get an Email From Someone Who Sits Right Next to You

Just what I need, another email. 

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When You Realize You’re a Little Too Drunk at a Happy Hour Work Gathering

great Gatsby Meme


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